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The Communications Alliance Ltd - So you want a VoIP Service?

“So you want a VoIP Service?” is the title of a booklet published by the Communications Alliance Ltd. It makes good sense to read this booklet if you are considering moving from your traditional PSTN telephone setup to one which uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), whether it will be in-house or as a hosted PBX.

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The Communications Alliance also has publications and advice for providers of VoIP, so they cover both sides of the fence.

As the Alliance website states the customer booklet
takes readers through “The seven steps to VoIP” under the following chapter headings—

  • Why do you want a VoIP phone service?
  • Things to consider
  • Ensuring that your broadband is up to it
  • Deciding on a VoIP service provider
  • Connecting it all up
  • Using your VoIP service
  • Customer service and your rights

So if you have little or no knowledge of VoIP, this is all very useful and logical to ensure you are fully prepared to make the move.

Each of the sections has valuable information to consider and suggests questions to ask when talking to providers.  Such things as how much data you could possible use in a month, helping you to decide which plan would be suitable for your needs. 

In “Connecting it all up”, three options are outlined, including the ability to keep existing equipment.  New features available with VoIP are listed and of course new features are being added all the time.

The Alliance sets standards and establishes industry codes as well as lobbying government regarding the communications industry to protect the consumer.  They have also played a key role in the implementation of the NBN. 

They are about a “fair go” and fair play.

One of the key things about the booklet is it has been written for the Australian market, outlining just what is possible and available in Australia.  An internet search will give you a lot of information but sorting out what is applicable to our communications can be tricky.

A VoIP service depends on many components to work properly – the phone, your network, your broadband connection to the internet, your VoIP service provider and the internet itself.  So it is not simple but with a little homework it can become clear and the benefits can be significant for a business in the digital age.

VoIP is a sensible business choice, particularly for small to medium businesses that want to implement more sophisticated communications options.  Combine this with a hosted PBX environment and a whole new world awaits.

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