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Starting up a business requires many boxes to be ticked and after business names, business registration, legal issues, bank accounts, technology decisions will be high on the list.

Technology is not all about computing and websites, it does include your telephone options and these days there is a lot more to choose from.

Instead of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) which has been the standard for a long time, have a look at what VoIP has to offer and in particular Hosted PBX.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a very flexible, cost effective option for a small business and an option that can easily expand as your business grows.

Very little hardware is required and initially, apart from the computers you already have, it could be zero hardware as you can use your computers and mobile devices for communications.  However, VoIP phones are a good option.  They look like a phone, work like a phone, are affordable and even at the entry level have a great range of features, with upgrades which include more sophisticated features such as your company logo on each phone screen and buttons which display any extension’s active status.

A simple system does not require a technician every time a change needs to be made, for example, adding an extension and you don’t need to be an IT guru to work out how to do it yourself.  All functions are menu driven.

As the name suggests, VoIP uses the internet so one line is required for both telephone and computing requirements and wherever the NBN is now available you should take up this option rather than opt for the traditional copper wire landlines.  With the NBN speed and clarity are assured.

Flexibility is key, as you grow your VoIP system can grow without incurring significant costs.  You can have as many phone lines as you need, even a toll-free number and think music on hold to impress your customers and look like companies at the big end of town.

The chances are, as a start-up you won’t have mobile staff or maybe you are the mobile staff, with a hosted PBX one number can be used by your customers to get you in the office and on the road – we all love convenience.  This is possible as your PBX is hosted in the Cloud and available anywhere 24/7.

Voice mail, call forward, conference calls, call monitoring, blocking unwanted callers, voice message to email – the list is long and impressive and is available for a subscription per month, which is excellent for budgeting purposes.

With a hosted PBX, you may be starting small but you can afford to think big.

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