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Mobile staff, mobile devices equals expensive phone bills, right? Then you are managing your communications wrong.

Running a business with any sort of sales force, means having staff on the road not just local but even interstate and while out of the office they still have to communicate with the office and with customers.  To do so they are mostly using a mobile device.

Your business has offices interstate and not all of your communications will be by email, it is much easier to pick up the phone, so there are many long distance calls and the need for conference calling.

Managing a traditional phone system can be complex with the equipment involved, billing and checking usage and if you need to make changes, it is not often they can be done in-house so technicians need to be involved.
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a solution which is efficient, a time saver and a cost saver.  It is now a mature protocol, bandwidth and line speed is significantly improved and the NBN is a game changer in this area.

Hosted PBX offers even more benefits.

One of the key features of VoIP is free inter-office calls no matter the office location or how many extensions or mobile devices a business has.

As the name suggests all calls use the internet whether the calls are made from work, at home, from a mobile or a computer.  It isn’t just phone calls, it is also messaging, conference calls, document sharing and video chats – all the tools you need to stay in the loop, collaborate and just plain communicate.  Even overseas.

Administration time is saved with VoIP.  No need to track through endless pages of a telephone account to check on calls made.  No need to try and understand calls made to phones with the same provider, other provider, STD, overseas, mobile to mobile and so on.  As they are free, the checking is irrelevant.

The freedom of employees to communicate with their colleagues regardless of their location reduces stress levels and improves their productivity, as they are not having to wait for someone’s return to the office or be mindful of long distance call costs.  It is also easier to build relationships among staff who are remote from head office, which is good for morale and ensuring positive results.

Ease of use, flexibility, advanced features and free calls.  Talk as often as you like.

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