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Demystifying IP Telephony

mbv511 demystifying ip telephony
We are all so aware of the internet, its benefits, its drawbacks – addictive – and how it can affect our day-to-day business. But do we understand how to use it effectively? Maybe the language is just not user friendly.

To start with you may have heard of unified communications, it is a buzz word used to describe a communications system which includes such things as instant messaging, internet phones, email, SMS and fax.  Unified communications also provide the integration through multiple devices like a PDA, laptop or other wireless device using service features, options, and user accounts, as if you were using your desktop PC.

Enabling this unified communication is the digital world we are living in, using a digital network rather than the old PSTN, or public switched telephone network and POTS or plain old telephone service – yes really.  All this time you were using the office phone, you didn’t know it was a POT?

Now with a digital network you can use Internet Protocol (IP) telephones which use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the current standard for IP phones for voice to travel across the internet.  Internet telephony is the description for a range of services available with digital phone systems and VoIP is simply digital phone calls.  Therefore, VoIP is a subset of Internet telephony.

All this means is you now use your internet connection to have voice, data, video, images etc transmitted via the internet and it is all sent as packets of data.  The same lines which you have used for some time to send computer data whizzing round the ether, now send your voice as well.

VoIP telephony will work over different kinds of networks and it can work over any IP enabled device such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone.  This makes it both interoperable and portable.  One thing to keep in mind is your existing POT system can be enabled for VoIP, just make sure you ask the provider if they can and will do that, as it does protect your investment in your existing equipment until such time as you are ready to dispense with it.

The hardware and software required to run Internet Telephony will vary and so are the ways in which it can be used, some options are—

  • PC-to-PC
  • PC-to-Phone
  • Phone-to-Phone
  • Mobile Phone-to-PC or Phone

You can establish your IP telephony through a dedicated provider such as My Business Voice and it is important to ensure your provider does have more to offer than just the basics, that they are prepared to work with your existing infrastructure if it is viable and their ongoing support is comprehensive and affordable.

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mbv511 demystifying ip telephony
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