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Improving the customer experience with VoIP

If your business receives many phone calls from customers you can utilise those calls in a number of useful ways, not only to improve your staff service, and as a safety net for anything in dispute but ultimately improve your customer’s experience.

mbv519 improving the customer experience

With traditional in-house telephone systems this may not have been possible due to the expense of installation and maintenance of equipment but it is a genuine consideration when your telephone system is hosted.  Hosted PBX opens up many more possibilities and on a monthly subscription.  Your provider will also advise on how much storage is required to store your calls, it is important you establish this at the start.

Whether they are sales call or support calls they can all contribute to a positive experience.
Recorded calls are a great training tool.  Playing back the good, the bad and the downright ugly to staff they can learn how to handle complaints, concerns and even abuse in a much better way.  The calls shouldn’t be used to criticise staff, that is never helpful but in a coaching environment a lot can be learned.

If there is a dispute between you and your customer the recorded calls can clarify a situation one way or another, as all calls will have a date and time recorded as well. 

You can determine how long your recordings are kept and if a particular call is critical, the .wav file can be downloaded and kept secure.

You can also decide when your calls are recorded, whether it is automatically always done, only selected calls are recorded or it is the user who starts the recording.

Recorded calls can provide you with testimonials in the same way a letter or video can.  With your customer’s permission a link to a .wav file on your website can sing your company’s praises.

Confirmation of orders can also stem from recorded calls, so maybe it is only your sales division who records calls and then plays them back on a regular basis to confirm the information, or the .wav files are kept as confirmation.

Listening back to customer calls can also provide an insight into buying habits, who your buyers are and where they are located, all great information to tailor your sales and marketing strategies.

It is important to check local laws about recorded calls, it may be a legal requirement to advise the caller that the call is being recorded or even ask their permission to record the call.  In any case, a statement to say “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurances purposes………….” is simply polite and good business practice.

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