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VoIP and your business security

mbv521 voip and your business security
Security is top of everybody’s technology list whether it is your business security or personal security. There are just too many horror stories out there about security being compromised. There are however measures which can be taken to provide peace of mind.

Even big business is switching to internet based services and cloud computing as the benefits outweigh the risks and security technology has improved.  Organisations such as area policing in the UK and banking have made the switch. 

For Graham Yellowley, director of technology services at investment bank Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International, the "Lower cost of calls is always attractive but the main driver is a single point which can consolidate email, voicemail and faxes in one place accessible by one device.  In this world where work/life balance is out of kilter for most people a single communications point is beneficial - though it also means that there is no escape from work."

Being aware of the risks and implementing well known and tested measures is a must and together with your provider tight security is achievable.

Firstly your provider needs to have several security layers at their end, ask a lot of questions when assessing the choices.

Your business needs a firewall, properly implemented with only necessary ports left open to the wide world, just as you keep your building security doors closed, close ports that shouldn’t be left open.  Don’t have features available that you don’t use often. 

And make sure IP addresses are monitored and blocked if there are too many unsuccessful access attempts.

Use call encryption, you don’t need to know the ins and outs, just make sure your provider knows all about it.

Secure your computers, really basic stuff which is at times missed.

Have a VPN for your remote users, if at all possible, the cost of the setup has come way down and many routers and firewalls come with the built-in functionality.

Use strong passwords and have them implemented across the board.  Multi-layer passwords are advisable, yes, they can be a pain, but you will have more pain if you are hacked.

Make sure your provider updates software regularly, security patches are a constant update and they are to ensure continued reliability.

Hosted PBX also comes with many rules which can be implemented to ensure proper use and monitoring.  From the outset find out what options are available, implement them and continually review them.

VoIP has too many benefits to be missing out, just do the necessary homework and you will also have peace of mind.

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mbv521 voip and your business security
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