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Hosted PBX - What to avoid

mbv515 hosted pbx what to avoid
Hosted PBX, move to the Cloud, remove the infrastructure and techo issues. It is a good move to make but as with anything, it is wise to know the pitfalls as well as the advantages before making a decision, after all, an informed decision is usually a good decision.

The advantages include scalability, flexibility and cost savings, among others but what must you know about hosted PBX to make a sound choice?

How long has the provider been in the hosting business?  This is important, the longer they have been in the business, the better their knowledge and they have seen the industry go through various changes.  Longevity also means reliability and happy customers, you don’t stay in business for too long if you don’t have either of these.

As mentioned reliability is a must have, not just the reliability of the provider but the software they use, the data centre and the security in place.  Get customer testimonials, don’t be afraid to ask for current customer details and do a thorough internet search as well.

What is the capacity of the provider’s data centre, is there enough server capacity and sufficient bandwidth to support your business?  Does the provider offer a free trial so you can test the functionality and responsiveness?  Being able to trial the solution, you can see first-hand if it is suitable, where the service needs tweaking, what functionality is on offer – but you must really use it thoroughly, go overboard, it is called stress testing – and be fully informed before making a final decision.

Security is an issue, discuss this thoroughly with the providers, then research what you have been told.  Every time you ask a question you will learn something else from the answers, it is a great way to build your knowledge base.

Compatibility with your requirements is another area to assess and a trial period will be very helpful in this area, it also works hand-in-hand with customisation and flexibility. 

What options are offered by the provider, how flexible are they and much can the solution be tailored to meet your specific business needs?  My Business Voice take the time to do an on-site visit to your business and find out what the best fit will be.

The implementation followed by the level of support are critical to the long term success of using hosted PBX.  A trial will again give you a feel for the provider’s service.  If the initial implementation went well and they are responsive to your requests for customisation, within reason, then this is a good indication for the future.

Ongoing support can only really be assessed effectively with use over time and never be slow to express your concerns if you are not happy, it may simply be a misunderstanding.

Good research is the key, so go forth and go to the Cloud.

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mbv515 hosted pbx what to avoid

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