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Penrith business gets NBN boost

mbv527 penrith business gets nbn boost
As the National Broadband Network lights up across Australia business centres outside of CBDs are set to reap the benefits of productivity and connectivity.

Perth, in Sydney’s outer Western suburbs has traditionally suffered from the tyranny of distance from Sydney’s CBD.

In the recent report, Towards a Super Connected Australia, Australian demographer Bernard Salt forecasts that the NBN  will transform the work habits of employees and allow businesses in areas outside of CBDs thrive and grow.

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“Whereas in the 20th century Australian workers organised their suburban lives around workplaces, in the 21st Century and especially after 2020 and the roll out of the nbn network, it may be possible for workers to organise their work around their lives and their lifestyles,” Salt said.

The report proposes that the NBN will allow work to be fitted into times and locations that suit the individual rather than lifestyle being fitted into and around commitments to work. “That is the promise of high-speed broadband and this is an aspiration that fits comfortably with the Australian penchant for lifestyle,” Salt adds.

These changes will see more people telecommute to the CBD and use high definition video conferencing technology.

Currently around 8000 homes and businesses are able to connect to the NBN in the Penrith area. There is also a high level of construction work going on in the Penrith region to connect additional homers and businesses.

As part of a national upgrade to Australia’s fixed-line infrastructure, the NBN has been progressively replacing most existing landline phone and internet services in parts of Penrith from  February with the  areas of Blacktown, Homebush, Riverstone, Richmond/Windsor and Lidcombe which have transitioning since March.

Many businesses do not realise that the move to the NBN is not an automatic process. Business owners need to make a decision about which NBN provider to choose and how this may change the way they do business.

Telephony systems provider for businesses, My Business Voice warns that businesses do not realise that while they may have to switch telecommunications providers, they can retain their existing systems.

“While many service providers will suggest upgrading or changing systems entirely, many business owners do not know that they can keep their phone system and get the benefits of new VoIP system,” said My Business Voice director Leigh Schmid.

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These benefits can include onsite internal Wi-Fi solutions,  the porting of  a company’s existing numbers from any carrier and  the inclusion of new numbers including 1300 131 & 1800.

“We see workplace efficiency and productivity accelerating when businesses shift to the NBN and by retaining their phone hardware, they have seamless switchover and no down time,” Schmid said.

The NBN rollout continues to grow momentum with more than 95,000 homes and businesses already connected in NSW. Physical construction is also underway to expand the network an additional 189,000 premises across the state including new construction work in parts of Canterbury and further parts of Strathfield and Auburn.

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mbv527 penrith business gets nbn boost
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