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Staying in synch with the NBN

mbv526 staying in synch with the nbn
August marked another milestone in Australia’s deployment of the National Broadband Network as almost 30,000 homes and businesses in the areas of Cairns, Coffs Harbour, Wollongong, Western Sydney, Ballarat, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Mandurah and Geraldton were switched on.

The latest round of copper network closures will mean more than 200,000 premises have completed the switchover  to NBN during 2015.

Many of the businesses that are now covered by the NBN are not aware that whole they have a new superfast network at their fingertips, they do not have to throw out their existing phone system.

According to NBN Co's recent updates, almost 1.2 million premises are now passed or covered by the NBN, with 526,975 active connections.

Business grade IP phone system specialists, My Business Voice are urging businesses to look at the options available to them before investing in new hardware for NBN takeup.

“It is a widely held misconception that you need to buy  new phone systems in order to use the NBN but there are ways to retain your existing investment and leverage the benefits of the NBN,” says My Business Voice, Director, Leigh Schmid.

My Business Voice supplies a gateway, which is installed between a business’s legacy telephone equipment and the NBN .


Connect your existing phones to the NBN NOW!

The gateway allows the original phone system to synchronise with the NBN. Customers definitely do not have to toss out their existing PSTN or ISDN equipment and by installing an inexpensive gateway customers will avoid the expense of completely replacing their legacy equipment.

In other benefits of using the synchronisation system and retaining their phone hardware, customers can  reduce monthly call costs and line rental by up to 80%.  While businesses can keep their existing phone numbers  and have the added functionality of a full IP based phone solution.

“Using the NBN network  can boost productivity of your existing staff and by keeping your existing infrastructure a business will not have to endure any downtime in achieving the new benefits,” Schmid said.

My Business Voice

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Connect your existing phones to the NBN NOW!

mbv526 staying in synch with the nbn
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