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NBN Synch (New Technology + Old System)

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NBN will be outside your door soon but you don’t think you can have VoIP and a hosted PBX because you have recently upgraded your entire PSTN system or maybe because you think it is going to be expensive to switch to new technology.

Connect your existing phones to the NBN NOW!

Neither is a reason for holding you back from taking advantage of much faster, better quality communications.

Firstly, you can keep your existing hardware and software, even if it isn’t brand new.  Adapters can be installed to enable your existing system to work just as well.  A VoIP adapter is the magic component.  It is a device that converts analogue voice signals (what you currently have) into digital packets for transport over an internet network.

So how does the magic happen?  NBN Synch from My Business Voice, essentially a VoIP adapter which works as a bridge between the internet and an analogue telephone and or the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network which has been around forever and runs on copper cables). 

Depending on where the voice traffic comes from, a VoIP adapter will convert the voice traffic into the proper form to be used by the destination network or device.

If the voice traffic is originating from an analogue telephone or the PSTN, a VoIP adapter will convert the analogue voice signal into a digital signal, just like any other internet traffic.

 The digital signal is then compressed and sent across the internet as a series of data packets.

Connect your existing phones to the NBN NOW!

If the voice traffic comes from the internet, the VoIP adapter will just do the reverse.  Digital back to analogue and then across the PSTN.  Simple really.

It is not necessary to understand the ins and outs of the technology, particularly if you intend to have your PBX hosted, then you can leave it up to your provider.

What your provider will want to know is how many phones you need to connect, what sort of business you run, as this will determine the voice quality required and also the bandwidth you have for your internet access.  Your provider will ensure all protocols and other variables are compatible at both ends of the system.

Not having to replace all your current infrastructure will definitely reduce the cost of switching.  You also reduce your costs by moving away from your current Telco and set contracts.  You won’t lose any features and generally the features you do have won’t be a cost.  You will also be able to implement more sophisticated features which may be available in your monthly subscription but would have been an additional cost under PSTN.

My Business Voice does a thorough assessment of your current system to determine which VoIP adapter is best for your situation and before you know it, you will have so much more flexibility and features.  Don’t just switch to VoIP go all the way, take away the management stress and use Hosted PBX.

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