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Tax breaks for VoIP

NBN revamps fixed network rollout contracts
It is rare that the government produces enticements to review your technology solutions, but the recent federal government Budget has made the time nigh for investing in technology that can enhance your business.

Under the recent Budget proposals, small businesses with annual revenues of less than $2 million will be able to claim tax deductions for every business purchase up to $20,000.

Treasurer Joe Hockey described small businesses as the "engine room" of the Australian economy, and that it is important to "empower" them with benefits, particularly in a way that will improve their bottom line and cash flow. Computers, mobile phones and tablets were cited as examples. Businesses also have until June 30, 2017 to make the purchases.

In light of the new Budget benefits for small business - now is the perfect time to look at investing in a VOIP system for your business. Many large and small businesses are making the transition to VoIP because it improves flexibility, communication and cost-savings. With the added incentive to review your communication needs we look at the benefits of VOIP and it enhances best business practice

*Cost Benefits
VoIP is established as bringing immediate and long term cost savings potential to all users. The tyranny of long distance rates and costs associated with complex and expensive equipment and maintenance are shed.

Aside from the initial investment in installation of the VoIP network, the long term costs benefits far outweigh the upfront investment.

* Flexibility (tech)
From a technical standpoint, the VoIP platform allows businesses to integrate existing and new software programs and apps. This allows constant adaptability opportunities for the business user and flexibility in terms of experimenting with new apps and services which may also help improve business effectiveness.

*Flexibility (human capital)
At the staffing level, VoIP also allows businesses to meet the needs of the modern workforce which are demanding remote networking and flexibility with hours and work locations.  A VoIP network allows staff to access the network from any location and enjoy the benefits.

*Bonus Productivity Features
VoIP service providers also offer enhanced features that include emailing voicemails, recording all calls, hosting virtual meetings and sharing data via video conferences that supports business productivity.

*Fast installation and assistance
Moving to a VoIP platform does not involve downtime which encroaches on business continuity. The set up is also far simpler than traditional phone lines  and cable infrastructure. The utilisation of software instead of hardware, allows users to add new features and scale the infrastructure without complex issues.

*Making global local
VoIP allows your office to be geographically anywhere while at the same time can provide cohesiveness to dispersed offices and employees. VoIP makes multiple participant conferencing easy and also offers features such as accounting for participants, muting groups and allowing participants to ask questions or comment. The platform also makes it easier to include clients from around the world and work within their time zones and requirements.

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NBN revamps fixed network rollout contracts
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