Key benefits of using cloud services for your business


Cloud services are now virtually the backbone of the entire Internet with businesses of all scale and industries reaping the benefits. Here is how you can leverage it for your business as well:

Technology always keeps improving with newfound capabilities and it is the task of businesses to evolve accordingly. To not adapting to the changes essentially means that they are slowly sliding towards their own irrelevance.

For example, when computers came, the businesses who failed to digitize are nowhere to be found today. Similarly, when the internet came, the businesses who failed to go online are now slowly passing into oblivion.

And now, we are in the third phase of evolution- virtualization.

While the shift has already been half-completed with all the large enterprises and new startups deploying these technologies, there are still some medium and small-scale businesses out of the loop.

Since the debate over whether to use cloud services or not is long dead with the long list of pros surpassing the non-existent cons, we are here only describing the six key benefits:  

  1. Scalability

Expanding a business isn’t all about acquiring new customers, exponentiating operations or foraying into previously untapped markets, but it also includes proportionally scaling the back-end infrastructure to accommodate the new traffic. While most of the businesses carry ample expertise in their core domains, this is one aspect where most of them struggle.

But when they deploy cloud services, they have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal and can focus their efforts where it matters the most. Most of the cloud services like AWS, Azure, among others, deliver real-time scalability, which means your infrastructure allocation scales automatically as required.

This means from housing a few hundred customers to millions is just a matter of few weeks.

  1. Security

As data takes the center stage in all business operations and decisions, information security remains top-priority of every organization. And with the rise in cyber-attacks, it has only reaffirmed its importance.

The problem with on-premise servers and data storage is that businesses can deploy only a limited number of security measures before the entire procedure becomes unfeasible. The cloud service providers, however, employ the finest of cyber experts to design and implement cutting-edge security protocols and other measures to ensure utmost privacy and security of the data they handle.

  1. Ubiquitous

As fast and reliable internet becomes widely available, the boundaries of office space have begun to collapse. Cloud services have been a major catalyst in the process.

These services offer global accessibility and round-the-clock availability to lend businesses the capability to let employees work from home, hire offshore talents, collaborate on the fly and serve a global client-base irrespective of their location. So, if you want such liberty for your business, there is no other option than to employ cloud services.

  1. Cost-effective

Simply put, building on-premise infrastructure is not cheap. And if you add to it the cost of maintenance, upgrades and hiring administrations, it becomes evident that it is a luxury that not every business can afford.

Especially for startups that are severely tight on resources, it is virtually impossible to set up such secure environment without burning the majority of their funds. The most feasible option is to go for cloud services that offer everything you need within just a small fraction of the cost that it would otherwise take to set up.

  1. Automation

Most of the businesses have a slew of routine tasks and operations that are essential otherwise but do not require much manual interference. Such tasks can be easily automated by deploying cloud services, thus, freeing up valuable manpower, which can be employed at other more intricate and productive tasks.

This also brings more transparency and efficiency to the overall system and enables business owners to manage the tasks centrally.

  1. Analytics

While businesses can reap all the above benefits instantly, this is a feature that proves immensely valuable in steering the future of any businesses. Cloud services also offer a range of powerful tools that you can use to thoroughly analyze the usage patterns on various matrices and can use such information to take optimum business decisions to drive maximum business growth.

So, now that you know the wide-ranging benefits cloud services offer, are you looking to leverage them for your business?

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