See how the Australian Government spends its ICT dollars

BitB528See how the Australian Government pends ts ICT dollars
The Australian Government has released its ICT Trends Report for 2013-14. It provides some fascinating insights into the operations of Government ICT.

For me the standout is that, at least up to the end of the 2014 financial year, there had been little uptake of cloud computing, using capex versus opex spending as an indication.

ICT capex in FY14 was $1.31b, a slight increase on the $1.16b of FY13, and opex fell slightly from $3.98b to $3.96b. As the report noted: "If agencies move to outsourcing, a decline in capital expenditure and an increase in operating expenditure would be expected. Associated scalability and flexibility provide additional efficiencies. For example, the take-up of external cloud computing means agencies only pay for what they use."

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