Cloud computing - a game changer for mobile app development

Do you need to be in the cloud? If you’re developing a mobile app for your business, you ought to be. Learn about the various needs for cloud for a compelling mobile app experience.


The global market for cloud computing was projected to reach $260.2 billion, with a gr…5 percent in 2017, by Gartner. The world had seen a strong Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) performance in 2017.

“As of 2016, approximately 17 percent of the total market revenue for infrastructure, middleware, application and business process services had shifted to the cloud,” said Mr. Nag, Research director at Gartner.

He further added, “Through 2021, this will increase to approximately 28 percent.”

The recent 2018 report on Global Cloud Computing market profiles CA Technologies, Cisco Systems, HP,, Microsoft, SAP AG, Yahoo!, Oracle, Citrix Systems as key players in the cloud computing.

The report also offers insights into the various, trends, drivers and opportunities in this cloud market till 2026.

So, what do you conclude from all the above?

Cloud-based platforms, through various computing models including SaaS, hybrid cloud models, open up new markets for mobile app developers, thereby expanding the perspective userbase and potential customers. One of the very luring benefits that cloud technology offers to app developers is the reduced time-to-market.

Here’re the five ways mobile app developers are taking advantage of the cloud services to enhance their app models and deliver more profitable solutions to the end-users and enterprises:

Application Hosting

We have this wonderful example of Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It consists of the operating system, services, database and application platform stack that is required for hosting a mobile or web application.

Amazon EC2 plays the role of Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) that offers around 32 instances with different amounts of compute, memory, graphics, I/O performance to choose the ones that work best for your apps. The clients, with Amazon EC2, have almost full control over the operating system but also has to spend more time and effort in installation, configuration and optimization.

However, the results of such efforts are worthier.

You don’t have to worry about operating systems at all, configuring them and having the toolset right is automatically taken care of. Most developers tend to like this about the cloud services like EC2.

Analyze user data and store it for the future

Mobile app developers use cloud application development for storing the customer’s data that can be used to analyze their behavior during marketing campaigns. Cloud provides an excellent opportunity for data storage.

With zillions of data generated by a mobile app every day, you can’t lose the data or leave it unused. In today’s time, data is the ultimate means for earning and doing business by many organizations.

Most of the ticketing apps use cloud-based data warehousing solution to analyze and store its user’s data from their mobile apps or websites. The storage is synchronous to be used across multiple devices including mobile, desktop, tablet.

As a result, mobile app developers can quickly and effectively process the customer data stored, which can be further used to understand them at transactional levels and identify and implement underlying trends. Thus, app marketers can customize their marketing efforts and interact with each person individually, delivering a much more personalized user experience.

Some of the storage and synchronization services that allows your app to synchronize user data across multiple devices are Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox Sync, Parse Data, Simperium.

Support for real-time communication

As the trend for instant messaging mobile apps evolves, the cloud services supporting real-time communication go mainstream. In fact, the enterprise messaging services also leverage the maximum benefits out of SaaS services.

Cloud-based messaging services include message encryption, device-to-device encryption, full administrative control of all accounts and devices, which allow enterprises to manage internal communication in today’s enterprise mobility landscape.

Also, the cloud services help many app developers to introduce social media login for faster accessibility for the users, unburdening them from filling tiring, lengthy signup forms.

Implements Geo-location

Apps like Uber, Zomato rely on one major online functionality, i.e. integration of geo-location. They make use of cloud services to store user’s current location whether they are at home, at work or traveling.

With the cloud, developers are able to create a more contextual experience using the location data.

Mobile clouds are safe than ever

As your personal and professional data is centrally located in a repository, you do not have to fret losing your mobile phone. In case your device gets into the wrong hands, you can delete or manage the data stored on your device by logging in to your account via a desktop or tablet and simply change your login credentials for the future.

The cloud reduces development costs

Working as a terrific IaaS for application hosting and providing seamless data across multiple devices, cloud computing technology also brings down the development time to 20-30%. Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce show better efficiency in developing mobile apps.

Therefore, an integrated mobile cloud strategy is essential to gain the maximum out of emerging technologies and maintain a competitive edge in the mobile app market.


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