Ease of Doing Biz: Implementing Cloud Computing Within Cars


Upholding the ideals of global manufacturing, handling distribution/dealer network and supply chains, cloud computing is the new fuel that is going to drive the automotive industry.

Billowing up the technology high and rising, with every new transition in the automotive sector, global automotive companies have started entering unexplored market segments, adding up capabilities, facing challenges in form of ever-growing complexity and managing the cost of IT assets. Is cloud the answer to all the logistical demand that the automotive market faces?

Almost every vehicle these days is commanded by some kind of digital or electric system. As an example, every car in the US is mandated to integrate the onboard diagnostics port, OBD-II, since 1996 according to government regulations. Adding up to in-car technical improvements, cars are now capable of sending information directly to a dashboard that alerts the driver about any upcoming service requirement or any type of warning, which proportionally replaces the traditional red light on the dashboard.

Cloud has been doing more than this. From enabling entertainment and GPS in cars, screen (~17 inches) to substitute the usual buttons. It is easy for the (concerned automotive) company to make any update the car without the need to develop a new car to include the improvements. This strikes directly on cost, both for the company and for the customers who have to shell out less and get a complete package within optimal cost. Tesla Model S is one such example that has been connected with Tesla Cloud and has imbibed this technological innovation. It is now easy for the engineering department to audit the car's performance or fix any problems if they arise.

In another such event, Volkswagen has partnered with Microsoft and will operate on software provided by Microsoft Azure.

Scalability is one of the tentative issues that is striking back with this development. If the number of cars increases in the cloud, it becomes difficult to deal with enormous data. Another way around, data on the cloud must be secured from hacking attacks. If these two issues are dealt out well, the cloud can become the key to many more vehicles in the future. Noteworthy:

  • There are going to be a lot of self-driving cars that will extensively make use of cloud computing to get live information and exploit available technologies.
  • Car insurance fee will be variable according to the actual usage of the car (depending upon the miles we drove)
  • Mobiles are complementary; social networking can be done straight from the cars now.

Completing It

The increasing intersection between automobiles and consumer electronics will lead way to reviewing data patterns, scheduling maintenance proactively, performance improvements (if required) in case of change in location, driving habits and altitude etc.

Cloud computing services will increase connectivity and make car manufacturers and providers interact more frequently and automatically via the internet. 

This will imply that more than 3000 cloud-connected internet of things (IoT) devices will be moving across at 100 miles per hour and adjust themselves automatically (without manual intervention) in near future. These cars will be more of software platforms and not just engines that steer and transmit.

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