Getting the measure of digital disruption

bitb535 getting the measure of digital disruption
We’ve all heard how digital disruption is overturning the established order, turning the giants of industry, like now defunct Kodak, to dust and spawning disruptive innovators like Uber and Airbnb. It takes a futurist like IBISWorld founder Phil Ruthven, to put some numbers to the wider effects of digital disruption, which is what he has done in the latest edition of his newsletter.

What keeps IT security pros awake at night?

bitb539 what keeps it security pros awake at night
In April the Ponemon Institute published a report The State of Data Security Intelligence, reporting its research into ”how organisations are using data security intelligence to assess and minimise risks to their sensitive and confidential information on-premise and in the cloud.”

News ways to innovate

BitB534 News ways to innovate
This is the third of my blogs looking at the most popular in a series of Harvard Business Review reports published by The Enterprisers Project, an online community set up to discuss the evolving role of CIOs and how they can maximise their impact on the business.

DevOps and security - good news or bad?

BitB524 DevOps and security good news or bad
You've probably heard much about DevOps, and likely most of it has been positive. We recently quoted a Forrester report on the topic, saying: "Forrester surveyed 600 IT professionals with application development responsibilities in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. It found that a third of teams were able to consistently deliver results [using DevOps] in one to three weeks.

Driving digital transformation, an uphill battle

BITB530Driving digital transformation an uphill battle
Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for the CI, — the Harvard Business Review report that I mentioned last week — covers ground that is now all too familiar: the need for digital leadership in the enterprise, for the very highest levels of an organisation — its board and CEO — to understand the impacts and potential of digital disruption and steer the enterprise accordingly.

Man & Superman (or Superwoman): the disruptive era CIO

SMbit526 man superman or superwoman the disruptive era cio
Leading analyst firms are unanimous in their pronouncements on the transformational and disruptive power of information technology, even if their terminology and metaphors differ. IDC talks of a ‘third platform’ comprising mobile, social, cloud and big data. Gartner calls these its ‘Nexus of Forces’. Forrester simply warns of ‘digital disruption’.

The view from the Valley: The VC guys tech hot list

bitb532 the view from the valley the vc guys tech hot list posted
Venture Capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, have shared their views on the hottest tech trends in the world right now, in the annual “16 Things” list. We take a look at where the gurus will be putting their money this year and why it matters.

Offshoring your data: just because you can does not mean you should

bitb527 offshoring your data just because you can does not mean you should
A recent Lifehacker article claimed that Australian businesses were not ‘fussed’ about using offshore cloud services. It drew this conclusion from a single statistic, quoted by Australian research firm Telsyte in a press release announcing its Australian Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Market Study 2015. Telsyte said: “Telsyte research indicates nearly two-thirds of businesses that use the cloud are already using an offshore provider. Furthermore, 46 percent of CIOs say they are not subject to any restrictions on the use of offshore cloud services.”