‘Concerns’ about cloud security overblown

bitb523 concerns about cloud security overblown
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced publication of a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit that it has sponsored, with the headline:{cslimited}Next Generation Cloud Study Reveals Vast Majority Of IT Leaders Concerned With Security And Privacy Of Data For Cloud Implementations{/cslimited}.

How Hadoop helps finance companies, and others

BitB522How Hadoop helps finance companies and others
“Why are financial services firms adopting Cloudera's big data solutions?” is the question posed, and answered, in a white paper of that title from Cloudera. The answer, in one sentence, is: “Because the scale of data [generated by today’s banking activities] is overwhelming traditional systems [therefore] firms must adapt to new technologies to unlock the power of their data [and] Cloudera helps companies implement and manage Apache Hadoop so they can derive competitive advantage from big data.”

Convergence? You ain't seen nothing yet

bitb511 convergence you ain t seen nothing yet
"The journey to visionary innovation begins by understanding new areas of convergence," says research firm Frost & Sullivan. It claims to have identified four types of convergence — products, technologies, industries and competition—and says: "An integral factor for growth for companies is to understand the landscape of new convergence areas and subsequent opportunities that could be generated in the future."

Know thine enemy - a taxonomy of digital disruptors

BitB515 Know thine enemy a taxonomy of digital disruptors
Every enterprise today should be well aware of being disintermediated and digital disrupted. Now, recognising the wisdom of the old adage 'know thine enemy" Cap Gemini and the University of Sydney's Business School have identified eight different archetypes of digitally disruptive intermediaries. 

Fear not bit rot, DNA will come to your rescue

I'm sure you are all too familiar with what Internet pioneer Vint Cerf calls 'bit rot' - electronic data that is no longer accessible because the technology used to encode it has become obsolete.

Cloud strategy: why millennials matter

BitB514 Cloud strategy why millennials matter
The Economist Intelligence Unit has produced a report: The fundamental five: what businesses must have in place to extract maximum value from the cloud. It "identifies and explores the core foundational elements of a mature cloud strategy."

On clouds, blue sky and crystal balls

BitB512 On clouds blue sky and crystal ballsGartner's annual CIO survey is an ambitious exercise. For the 2015 edition, Gartner grilled 2,800 CIOs who between them accounted for $US397 billion of IT spend and $US202.5 billion of infrastructure and operations (I&O) spend (it did not elaborate on the distinction).

Hybrid cloud or is that hybrid IT?

BITB521 What hybrid cloud It hybrid IT
Hybrid, crossbreed, combination, even mongrel – essentially they mean the same thing and are different elements coming together as a new entity.

Beware 'shadow big data'

BitB508 Beware shadow big data
Access to information was the first field to be democratized: remember when all online wisdom was locked away in databases like Dialog, access to which was controlled and managed by specialists librarians and researchers - the modern equivalents of the high priestesses of the Oracle at Delphi? The Internet and search engines put an end to all that.

Cloud now the board's business

BitB504 Cloud now the board business1

Most people in IT are probably familiar with the Gartner Hype Cycle. It is a model that can be applied to the maturation of almost any new technology. There is technology trigger leading to a peak of inflated expectations, a trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment and finally a plateau of productivity.