C level execs like hybrid cloud, but don't know why

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bit507 c level execs like hybrid cloud but don t know why
Some interesting results have emerged from a global study of 1,000 C-level executives, business unit leaders and IT decision-makers undertaken by Avanade: C level respondents are much keener on hybrid cloud than IT leaders, but don't really understand it.

"Seventy two percent of C-level respondents say they’d be likely to adopt a hybrid cloud solution within the next three years," the survey report said. "This planned adoption rate for C-level executives is 14 percentage points higher than that of IT leaders."

More specifically, 77 percent of C-level leaders believe hybrid cloud will give them a competitive advantage and 76 percent believe it will allow them to focus on core growth opportunities. Three-quarters (75 percent) of respondents in the C-suite agree that implementing a hybrid cloud strategy should be one of their biggest areas of focus in 2015.

The report went to say: "There continues to be much confusion about the real potential that hybrid cloud offers. When presented with a list of four factual statements about hybrid cloud, more than half (55 percent) of C-level executives, business unit leaders and IT decision-makers were unable to identify all the basic attributes of hybrid cloud. Even IT decision-makers, who should be closest to the issue, are confused.

The survey found:

  • 65 percent of respondents did not know that hybrid cloud provides the ability to burst (scale up and down) as needed;
  • 61 percent of respondents did not know that hybrid cloud could include multiple public clouds;
  • 54 percent of respondents did not know that hybrid cloud includes distinct public and private clouds.

Uncertainty however creates opportunity and that is exactly what the report sees for IT professionals in the current climate. "Playing a key role in developing a hybrid cloud strategy represents an opportunity to align with C-level strategic priorities," it says.

Also, it argues that hybrid cloud is an opportunity for IT leaders to re-assert control of organisational IT - something that has been slipping from their grasp recently. "Hybrid cloud’s inherent flexibility and ability to be customised to an organisation’s unique requirements will give IT a better control point to guide enterprise adoption of cloud services and in doing so, provide greater value for the business." it says.

Despite their professed enthusiasm for hybrid cloud, most respondents seem ill-prepared for its adoption: 58 percent do not have a hybrid cloud strategy in place, and even those that do have no defined steps for implementing cloud-native applications (73 percent), for application migration (64 percent) or even a cloud management platform (63 percent).

Seems like there are some opportunities here.


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