Forrester ferrets out secrets of cloud adoption

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bit514 forrester ferrets out secrets of cloud adoption
By examining how a number of companies have successfully migrated applications to the cloud, Forrester Research has come up with four recommendations that if followed will, it says, enable CIOs to overcome internal resistance and accelerate their organisations' journey to the cloud.

The disruptive power of cloud on global technology markets is well known but, Forrester points out, it can be equally disruptive internally for organisations that adopt cloud computing. "Cloud success depends on managing this disruption carefully to ensure that the benefits cloud brings to your company are not overshadowed by costs such as unhappy employees or unnecessary risks," it says.

In its report 'Don't Fear The Cloud - Profit From It', Forrester says it has consolidated the experience, insight and lessons gained from discussions with global organisations with successful enterprise-wide cloud strategies. "These companies are reaching new markets faster, empowering employees and leveraging cloud without sacrificing compliance, control, or employee satisfaction."

It summarises these learnings as:

  • embrace cost transparencies to encourage and reward cloud use;
  • encourage technology managers to embrace change and experimentation;
  • adopt cloud to improve collaboration and find innovators;
  • don’t use concerns over cloud vendor lock-in as an excuse not to act.

Forrester says CIOs should use these insights to accelerate the inevitable expansion of cloud usage within their organisations and to overcome the inevitable challenges, which it says centre on three key areas:

  • overcoming organisational challenges and softening the impact on existing teams;
  • monitoring ongoing cloud costs and optimising cloud value;
  • identifying and managing the risk of cloud vendor lock-in.

And Forrester has a warning for any CIO that thinks they can ignore cloud or that cloud is not relevant for them. "Cloud computing is not only a viable option for a broad range of technology workloads; it has also quickly become the preferred method for reaching new markets faster and staying ahead of the competition.

"Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this doesn’t apply to you.

Cloud adoption has steadily increased over the past five years despite geographic service disparities and industry-specific requirements and regulations."

To help CIOs overcome the challenges of adopting cloud services, Forrester Research has developed a methodology that it calls strategic rightsourcing, which it describes as "an application-first, workload-focused approach that recognises evolving methods of application delivery, including composable services based on interconnected application programming interfaces and alternative software-as-a-service models."

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