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bit530 cio summit hits the right note
Last week Axelera attended IDC's CIO Summit in Sydney. It's a unique opportunity for CIOs and ICT professionals to gather, gain insights from industry experts and hear their fellow CIOs' real–world experience of critical business and technology issues. IDC promotes the event as "Your chance to hear from the best-of-the-best as they reveal all they know about new trends, new technologies and proven IT strategies for your business — in just one day."

The event is designed to appeal to those with a strategic focus on business and the role that technology plays in their company’s ability to remain competitive. It gives CIOs a chance to expand their professional networks and get up to date on the latest technology solutions and services their businesses require.

It's billed "a highly-focused, ‘C’ level summit for Australia’s leading technology thinkers including: CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, senior IT executives, IT managers and other senior business executives."

Axelera’s Enterprise Sales & Marketing Manager, Jorge Villalpando, said: "In the past there was a disconnect between the business needs around technology and the strategy and plans the CIO or CTO had. This is no longer the case. As businesses identify the areas of growth they want to focus on they have come to realise that technology has become the engine for growth. And the CIO and CTO are very heavily involved in that."

The keynote address Rethink IT - To Thrive or Simply Survive? was delivered by Sally Parker, Research Director, Software & Services and Team Lead Software, Services & Infrastructure, with IDC Australia. She told delegates that, by 2018, a third of the top 20 market share leaders in most industries globally would have been be significantly disrupted by new competitors with new offerings, new business models and new cost structures.

"There is a growing imperative for Australian organisations to think differently, to leverage technology not simply to drive cost efficiencies or enhance productivity, but equally to disrupt and create new markets - to contribute to maintaining Australia’s relevance on the world economic stage," she said. "Whilst the challenge of managing traditional legacy IT and evolving to a ‘new norm’ remains a journey for most, IT now has a golden opportunity to make a direct top line difference to the business… or to hold it back."

Villalpando, said: "Rethinking IT means embracing cloud computing, and managing risk.

All businesses should have a digital strategy that encompasses, cloud and disaster and data recovery. These are all services provided by Axelera, and business are increasingly opting to have these services fully managed by organisations such as Axelera so that they can focus on the needs of their business and leave the tech to the experts."


bit530 cio summit hits the right note
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