Collaboration to support gender diversity

Six Pivot are pleased to announce a collaboration with Diverse City Careers (DCC), a social enterprise helping women pursue rewarding careers, particularly in sectors with high gender inequality rates.

The two companies, both headed up by female CEOs have a history of working together in ICT. In addition, all three women have individually contributed to the industry through their volunteer work on a number of boards for Not-for-Profit organisations including IT Queensland, Females in IT & Telecommunications (FITT), Women in Technology QLD, The Council of ICT Associations and DPA (Diversity Practitioners Association)

“At SixPivot, we are creating something very unique in the ISV space and want to surround ourselves with people who share our core values,” said Faith Rees, Six Pivot CEO and DCC Advisory Board member. “These values are based on an intrinsic commitment to each other to create ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses for our customers and our environment.”

The collaboration will see the two brands align efforts to leverage each other’s skills around technical excellence and a shared passion for technology, diversity and social responsibility.

Six Pivot is currently working on a number of world-first innovations with clients who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. One particular project is the Naus platform, which is set to revolutionise the way the global waste industry is managing operations more effectively and deliver cost savings in billions of dollars.

With a forecast to double in economic value to over $2 trillion by 2020, the World Bank described waste as a "Bigger Issue than Climate Change”.

DCC are also challenging a traditional process, by creating an exclusive platform to promote Australia’s leading employers for women. The DCC jobs board is Australia’s only jobs board requiring employers to be pre-qualified before advertising to ensure they support women’s careers.

Since launching in 2015, the company has received tremendous support from the industry and is regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on gender diversity. Clients include the likes of Accenture, Dropbox, Minter Ellison, Aurizon, McCullough Robertson, Origin, PwC, EMC, ThoughtWorks and Curtin University.

“I’m so pleased to be able to follow my passion for both technology and advocating for gender diversity,” said Gemma Lloyd, DCC Co-Founder and Company Secretary at DPA. “I’m excited about collaborating with the team at Six Pivot to help grow their start-up and advance the next stage of the DCC platform through technical innovation.”

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