CIO Summit hits the right note

bit530 cio summit hits the right note
Last week Axelera attended IDC's CIO Summit in Sydney. It's a unique opportunity for CIOs and ICT professionals to gather, gain insights from industry experts and hear their fellow CIOs' real–world experience of critical business and technology issues. IDC promotes the event as "Your chance to hear from the best-of-the-best as they reveal all they know about new trends, new technologies and proven IT strategies for your business — in just one day."

Containerisation vs Virtualisation

bnit529 containerisation v virtualisation
The march of containerisation, with Docker at its head, seems to be unstoppable, but the debate on containerisation versus virtualisation shows no sign of slowing down, even though it's been raging for at least six years, far longer than the disruptive Docker has been around.

HBR heaps praise on cloud for financial planning

bit524 hbr heaps praise on cloud for financial planning
The Harvard Business Review has produced a report singing the praises of cloud computing for financial planning and analysis. It argues that cloud-based financial planning and analysis systems - delivered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model - have begun to break down barriers to collaboration and encourage strategic partnerships between finance and business users.

Cloud now the 'engine of innovation' for Aussie enterprises

bit509 cloud now the engine of innovation for aussie enterprises
IT market research firm IDC says that forward looking Australian organisations are leveraging cloud services as a foundation element in a strategy to "transform products and services, business processes, and relationships with customers, partners and employees."

Cloud has silver lining for SMEs, when they can reach it

bit520 sm cloud has silver lining for smes when they can reach it
Cloud computing brings tangible benefits to Australia's small and medium businesses but inadequate Internet access services are preventing them from taking full advantage of cloud. That's what accounting software company MYOB's latest survey of SMEs has uncovered.

Good growth tipped for Australian cloud services

bit528 good growth tipped for australian cloud services
The amount of money Australian enterprises spend on cloud computing services (excluding applications) is tipped to almost double over the next four years, from $366m in 2015 to $775m by 2019, according to market research firm Telsyte.

Data protection policy compliance the number one concern

bit517 data protection policy compliance the number one concern
The greatest security concern large organisations have about their use of cloud computing services is whether they are compliant with their government's data protection policies. That’s the key finding of a study into the cloud security concerns and data security challenges facing global 2000 companies and the steps they are taking to mitigate these risks.

CRM systems moving to the cloud

bit441 crm systems moving to the cloud
The days of on-premises customer relationship management (CRM) systems are numbered, according to research firm Gartner. It says the tipping point will occur next year when cloud deployments of CRM will exceed those on premises for the first time, and that in another 10 years 85 percent of CRM will be provided from the cloud.

Could containerisation put virtualisation in a box?

bit519 could containerisation put virtualisation in a box
Server virtualisation - the ability to have a single central processing unit run multiple instances of an operating system such that every application appears to be running on a dedicated server - has been the enabling technology behind the meteoric rise of cloud computing.

Free seminar to help you get the best from cloud

{cslimited}bit525 free seminar to help you get the best from cloud2{/cslimited}Whether you use private on-premises, public or hybrid cloud services your application workloads remain your responsibility and this free technology briefing breakfast from cloud computing provider Axelera will help you manage them better.

Your introduction to Cloud Autonomics

bit521 your introduction to cloud autonomics
Heard the term "Cloud Autonomics"? No? I'm not surprised. Put that phrase into Google and from its gargantuan repository of knowledge it is ale to extract only 78 references ("Cloud computing" will get you about 128 million hits). That situation might be about to change.