Financial managers tight-fisted on cloud


Financial managers within Australia's mid to large-sized companies are proving slow adopters of cloud computing, despite its growing popularity among many Australian businesses, according to a survey of more than 150 organisations.

Goal-free Government cloud policy 'pie in the sky'

The Federal Government has released its policy on the use of cloud computing services. It requires Government departments and agencies to consider cloud first where it is appropriate for their ICT requirements, but it has drawn warnings from industry that it could end up being nothing more than 'pie in the sky'.

In praise of cloud storage

Hands up if you use Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or Microsoft SkyDrive. They are all, of course, cloud storage services. They are incredibly useful and incredibly easy to use, but are generally frowned on by enterprises as lacking the security and management features needed for business.

IT people need business skills

According to TechPro Research, mobile and cloud computing, the rise of big data and the importance of business continuity/disaster recovery have completely changed the IT jobs market.

The cloud is green, and good for jobs


The benefits of cloud computing to IT are well established. What's not so clear is the indirect impact of cloud computing: on the 'three Es': economy, employment and the environment; not to mention IT departments themselves. The Economist Intelligence Unit has attempted to quantify these impacts with a report 'The Impact of Cloud'. And the news is good, except perhaps for IT departments.

Beware of (private) 'cloudwashing' says Forrester

Private and public cloud services are both growing rapidly in popularity and importance. Both are enabled by virtualisation, but whereas it's very clear what a public cloud service is, the line between private cloud and simply virtualisation is blurred, says research firm Forrester. It cautions that making the distinction is important because a true private cloud can bring benefits well beyond simple virtualisation, but establishing a private cloud is a substantial undertaking.

Venture capitalists head for the cloud


Cloud computing has topped the list of industry sectors in which venture capitalists feel most confident about investing, for the second year in a row, according to the 2014 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey, from Deloitte and the US based National Venture Capital.

Look to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery


In March this year the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council (DRPC) announced the results of its 2014 annual benchmark study, saying that 73 percent of respondent organisations worldwide were not taking adequate steps to protect their data and IT systems.

Federal Government gears up to go cloud


The Australian Government's chief technology officer, John Sheridan, has released a discussion paper in preparation for the creation of a cloud computing panel from which Federal Government agencies can source cloud services.