Labjump enables a high impact cloud-based learning platform for organizations to improve productivity

Labjump, the well-known provider of cloud-based learning solutions, announced virtual training labs a customizable, hands-on cloud based training platform anytime, anywhere, and for anyone.

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Virtual labs are the creation of a virtual instance of a physical environment, either on premise or on cloud. It enables anyone to access a virtual equivalent of any environment anywhere, on-demand without the need to wait for a physical machine setup or additional hardware. These virtual training labs cater to the organizations training needs in a virtual environment where they can actively learn, engage, and gain applicable knowledge. Labjump’s cloud-based training platform eliminates the need for you to invest in any up front infrastructure, removing added infrastructure distractions, installation requirements, and maintenance.

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These cloud-based platforms are easy to set up. An instructor can create a classroom to suit his or her specific course needs and power the virtual machines in a matter of minutes. By simply logging into the web client, a classroom environment can be assembled using server and machine templates.

Labjump’s cloud-based virtual lab is a ground-breaking solution as it enables organizations to provision lab infrastructure on demand including servers, software, networking and storage and utilize a powerful virtual lab management application to automate the set-up, testing and tear down of complex, multi-tiered environments.

 “As organizations strive to be global, connected, and software-driven, virtual and cloud-based lab solutions are an absolute necessity for organizations of all sizes and types, to help them keep pace with the needs of the business and be a next generation enterprise,” said Sandeep Tidke, CEO of Labjump. He added, “Enterprises should allow innovation and creativity to flourish in the training process by adopting virtual or cloud-based lab solutions, to free their teams from manual, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks.”

Some of the Top features include:

  1. Virtual Infrastructure On-Demand. Virtually unlimited hardware, software and storage available from any location and any browser. 
  2. Offers Hands-on practice on real on-job scenarios and self-paced learning.
  3. Offers integration with existing LMS
  4. Snapshot and share multi-tier environments with colleagues.
  5. Pay as you go usage and automatically shutdown labs that are not being used.

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