AWS or AZURE: What is your Pick?

Amazon web services have introduced its cloud computing platform recently but Microsoft has been in the game for the past seven years.


They have every IT services lined up right from mobile app development to analyzing patterns in the data. The comparison is a must for the best delivery of cloud computing services. Before going on about which one is better than the other in different aspects. We must know something about cloud computing.

Cloud computing

The term cloud computing means providing the IT services to the enterprise over the internet coined as the cloud.

The services like storage, testing, computer networks and applications don't need a bulky IT-Infrastructure.

Let's start the battle

Essential Services
Both Amazon and Microsoft provides with IT services like databases, computer, and networking. Amazon focuses on content delivery and storage whereas azure has a performance service.

Pick any service and you will be dealing with identity and security services by Amazon whereas with Azure active directory has management and security tools which include Active Directory Federation Services.

App Developers lifeline
The deployment of applications over different server is easy now with either AWS or Azure tools. The advantage to android or ios application developer is they can deploy their apps on multiple servers without having to deal with practical servers. For hosting cloud apps, AWS has solutions like lambda, batch, elastic beanstalk and container service whereas Azure includes container service, web Jobs, batch, functions etc.

Azure has multiple options for hosting cloud apps which makes it a better host than AWS when it comes to deploying an application.

Hybrid Clouds
Although cloud computing is going to replace most of the IT infrastructure some people got to believe in traditional methods and would not approve immediate migration of data on the cloud. Therefore, Hybrid cloud computing is driven by both public as well as private. Azure realized the need for hybrid clouds way back and offers their user to access on-site servers to run any ios or android mobile apps. Amazon still has to come up with stronger services for hybrid clouds and they are working on it.

Preference of open source developers
Amazon has welcomed open source developers with Linux skills and provided them with the integration of open source applications. Microsoft, on the other hand, has always waved off the open source mobile app developers. Recently, Microsoft has come up with .NET framework.

Bringing Government services on cloud
Bringing government-owned services on cloud generates concern about following certain security guidelines which may generate multiple warning flags for using hacks. Therefore, both AWS and Azure have managed to have an isolated cloud for government usage which doesn't interfere with the network of business users.

Licensing and cost
The license strategies for AWS and Azure are different. Azure being the product of Microsoft, of course, comes with a paid license for which you don't have to overpay every time you use the cloud service; the licensing, however, is over limited services. AWS provides its services with a free license.

Cost for using the services over both is almost equal and the cost calculator can be used to compute the amount of money to spend for different kind of services.

To close the debate
Both the cloud service provider has its expertise like Azure is a better platform for mobile app developers whereas the open source developers would prefer AWS over Azure. It's difficult to draw a conclusion over which one is ahead?

Once we are able to see wide use of cloud services, then only a definite conclusion statement can be given. As per the above discussion different features leads either of the cloud service provider.

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