Australian Cloud Start-up Orion VM Develops the fastest Cloud Storage Platform in the World

After 1 year of solid development, the Sydney based start-up OrionVM has launched its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform into live production today (1st April 2011). Founded in early 2010 by three young like minded individuals, they had a dream of being the fastest Cloud Computing platform in Australia. One year and many sleepless nights later, they have done just that.

Using a completely custom software stack, and an innovative architecture design, the OrionVM Cloud platform was recently benchmarked by cloud review website Cloud Harmony as having the fastest network-backed storage performance in the world (as compared against the 50 + other providers reviewed).

From the Grass Roots

In early 2010, OrionVM was born in a dorm room of UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) by three university students. Juggling study, near full time work and working on this project at night did not leave much time for sleep, but the founders of OrionVM (Joseph Glanville, Alex Sharp and Sheng Yeo) were not deterred. Driven by the dream of being the one of Australia's highest performing Cloud Computing platforms, they took six thousand dollars and all the time left in the day and got to work.

While to many, this may seem like an impossible task, this team did not admit defeat. “At the beginning no one would take us seriously, with many saying that there was no way that we would succeed” says co-founder Sheng Yeo. “It wasn't easy, but we all stuck to our dream and kept slogging away”.

One year, a bucket-load of determination and plenty of sleepless nights later, OrionVM has done just that. Having released its high performance Cloud Computing platform into production today (1st April 2011), they have high hopes for the months ahead.

How did they do it? According to the team: “Money isn't everything. It is all about innovation, and not being afraid to ask for help when you need it. OrionVM was driven to this position not only through the determination of our team, but also due to the support of our mentors and the community around us. Without the constant advice and support of communities, such as Silicon Beach and Project Hollywood, we would not have been able to reach our current position. We have also built up a good relationship with all of our suppliers that allows us to stretch each dollar as far as possible”

The Numbers

After a successful one month Public Beta program, OrionVM today opens its doors to anyone looking for a high performance and reliable Australian based Infrastructure as a Service provider. Using a custom infrastructure design, they are able to provide clients with storage speeds previously not seen on a cloud instance. “We were sick of people saying you can't run high performance web applications or databases in the Cloud. As a team, we firmly believe this is simply due to an incorrectly designed Cloud Architecture” said the team's system architect and co-founder, Joseph Glanville.

When asked about the numbers achieved, system's developer and co-founder Alex Sharp proudly stated “we took a design often used in Super Computers, and added all the features required to turn it into a high performance Cloud Computing platform. While performance is important, our team also focuses very heavily on reliability. All data and systems are fully redundant, meaning that there are no single points of failures within our platform”.

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