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A Know-how About USCIS Certified Translation Service

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is a government agency that supervises the immigration procedure to the United States. An approval letter from the (USCIS) is a significant milestone for every immigrant planning to move to the United States. However, getting their approval is easier said than done unless you get proper guidance on how to go about each procedure.

What is USCIS and what do they do:

The immigration officer in charge would obviously prefer a document translated into English than in a foreign language. It will be useful while doing a verification check for the immigration process as time is of the essence here. This will only result in the application being put on hold as the next customer with an already translated and certified document comes in. This process of waiting may take months.

If an immigrant is planning to shift from a country where English is not the national language and the certificates issued by the governing authority are in a foreign language to the U.S, achieving this milestone is going to be a steep uphill climb.

The USCIS office is quite a busy place as the officials there must ponder upon more than 26,000 requests claiming different immigration support, take care of refugee application of nearly 200 people per day, help to shelter about 45 people who are already in the U.S, and try to protect around 146 people who fear persecution if they are to ever go back to their native country. The immigration officers must check and confirm whether all the documents and proofs of the immigrant are valid before they can issue an approval letter for immigration.

The translators used by the USCIS translation services normally have the required experience and are authorized to translate the given documents. A seal of accuracy is added onto the completed, certified translation USCIS document, which is recognized and accepted by the immigration officials worldwide.

The translator takes responsibility for the translation once his signature is placed on the document. The translator must also make a note of his name, address and date of translation on the certificate as he will be called upon, should there be any mishaps in the translation. The document is a certified translation for immigration and is accepted by USCIS.

To speed up the process you might wonder if there are any USCIS certified translation services near me, that can help you achieve your goal. They can, as USCIS has set certain principles that translators are supposed to follow during translation of a document. In addition to translating the document, the translator must add a line stating that the translation is complete and accurate and attesting to his or her competence as a translator.

When you submit your documents to the USCIS for verification within the United States it does not need to be notarized, but when submitting the document to the U.S Embassy outside the country it must be notarized.

Challenges in the path to achievement:

It is important that one seeks the help of USCIS approved translation services while submitting such important evidence that requires translation. Even minor mistakes can lead to visas getting canceled and immigration being denied, and it could take years for the immigration process to get approved. The best-certified translation services are aware of what the USCIS officials are looking for and will be able to translate the given documents based on the requirements that are needed.

The documents that are submitted must be correct and free of mistakes. The USCIS initially issued a Request for Evidence (RFE) to those immigrants who had made mistakes in their documents by giving them time to show proof or clarify any mistakes. After September 11, 2018, this scenario changed and a new strong policy was brought into effect that gave the USCIS immigrant officers the right to cancel any application that they felt were having too many mistakes, failing to give certain facts and problems with the submitted documents, thereby not giving anyone a chance to clarify their errors.

Goal Achieved:

Should the submitted evidence holds true, the immigration officer will approve the immigration process and with this milestone reached, it won’t be too far along, that you will find yourself on a plane to the United States, looking forward to a brand-new chapter of your life.

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