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10+ Best Chat Apps for Team Collaboration (Free and Paid)

Are you looking for the best team chat apps/software for your collaboration? We have compiled a few key considerations to improve your workplace Communication.

Business enterprises always find better ways for team communication and collaboration . Instead of writing heavy emails daily, chat simplifies team conversations and organizes team tasks more efficiently. Many office chat apps for teams ensures a wide range of collaborative features for quick communication.

He couldn’t have been more precise because time and again teamwork has proved to increase the efficiency of projects by distributing the workload so that great results are achieved on time and with quality. However, hiring skilled resources  is just the beginning of building a good team.

Once a team is created, an organization needs to provide the teams with the platforms and resources to make their collaboration continuous. Besides providing good equipment and facility, there has to be a forum or medium where ideas can be exchanged and peer reviews can be sought. And that is exactly where Best Business Communication Platforms  need to be deployed.

Team chat apps are carved out to provide functionalities essential for communication in team projects.

Therefore, to save time–the most precious possession these days–we’ll provide an overview of some of the best office chat software that businesses should deploy for better communication in team projects.

Troop Messenger   (The Office user’s Team Chat App)

Attain optimum communication at your workplace with the new instant messaging collaboration application-The Troop Messenger. The design idea of Troop Messenger is to collaborate, share, and communicate new thoughts among fellow employees of every organization. Small, medium, large or any size of organizations can give a sure try of Troop Messenger for their endless office chat communication and collaboration.

Flock  ( The Affordable Team Chat App)

Flock is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration tool built especially for small businesses. The Goal is to help businesses communicate better so they can build a culture of transparency and speed within teams.

ezTalks  ( The Reliable Team Chat App)

There is no doubt that ezTalks meetings  is one of the most popular chat apps, which helps to increase real-time interactions and improve collaboration with your partners, your friends, customers and so on. It presents a way to cut the cost and chat effectively.

Basecamp  (The Project-focused Team Chat App)

The campfire was merged with Basecamp sometime back but continues to offer some of the best features for team projects.

It is considered as a group chat tool for Internet-based companies by allowing managers to assign tasks, group notes, and download files.


These team chat apps can help an organization to maintain great teams by providing seamless interaction regardless of geographic boundaries and time zones. They help in enhancing productivity, economize on the costs of communication as well as drastically reduce time to accomplish projects.

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