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SpotCam - Cloud Base Home Monitoring Camera
7F.-1, No.738, Zhongzheng Rd., , , , 23511
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With years of experience in CCTV industry, SpotCam team members once developed WiFi DVR and NAS type NVR for home and small business surveillance in the past in different companies, but soon realized the right solution for this market will have to shatter the traditional idea about CCTV products. With the development of several complementary technologies and popularity of mobile device, it became clear later that cloud-based system combined with mobile device viewing will be the best and most fr ...

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XFS Communications - Optical termination technology
5F-1, No.2, Ln.57, Chongyang Rd., , , , 11573
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XFS Communications, Inc. was founded in 2008 by experienced Taiwanese fiber optic specialists, under a strategic partnership with NTT Advanced Technology Corp. (NTT-AT) in Japan. We are experts in high-end fiber interconnection products. Our specialty is in extremely low loss optical termination technology which has led to the development of number of products including patchcords, pigtails, pre-terminated cables and MPO/MTP® multi-fiber cabling systems, with both superior optical performance a ...

VSO Electronics - Cable assembly
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VSO Electronics Co., Ltd. offers a wide selection of services and cable products ranging from assembly to turnkey processes. All our products are built to your specification with a variety of applications from the Medical, Automotive, Green Energy, Industrial, Communications and equipment industries. Obtaining over two decades, VSO Electronics Co., Ltd. Is being growing up with history, philosophy and culture of reliable, stable, responsible supplier. Our values are to bring joyful, happin ...

TelephoneVSO Electronics Co., Ltd. offers a wide selection of services and cable products ranging from assembly to turnkey processes. All our products are built to your specification with a variety of applications from the Medical, Automotive, Green Energy, Indust
Eumach - Universal Milling Machine
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Stable Operations, Continued Growth-5 Axis Machining Center-Eumach Co., Ltd. Eumach Co., Ltd. is a fresh business of machine tool industry, and concentrates on manufacturing 5 axis machining center, vertical horizontal machining center, universal milling machine,bridge type machining center,traveling column machining center,vertical machining center and horizontal machining center . In 14 years, we present all series CNC milling centers with full function and superior quality, exporting to more ...

Cosmo Machinery - bag making machines
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COSMO Machinery Co., Ltd. established in March 2001. COSMO has manufactured bag making machine, cutting and sealing machine, plastic bag making machine, t-shirt bag making machine, extruder and extrusion plant and stretch film rewinder for many years, and is well known for manufacturing bag making machine with servo driving system which really enhance production efficiency. Up to now, Cosmo’s products are extensively exported to 45 countries spreading all over the world, and have points of sale ...

Supertec Machinery - CNC Cylindrical Grinder
No.6, Keya 2nd Rd.,, , , , 42881
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Supertec Machinery, Inc. was established in 1954, originated from the motor components supplied and transformed to research and design in grinding machine. For nearly 60 years of experience and techniques in manufacturing industry, Supertec has matured and specializes in Grinding machine such as CNC Cylindrical Grinder, Surface Grinder and Centerless Grinder, marked under the popularly recognized name "SUPERTEC" with Taiwanese CNC mark and CE certification.On the principle of "Everlasting, Innov ...

Lien Fa Injection Machinery  - Injection Molding Machine
No.165, Aly. 418, Ln. 506, Sec. 1, Xinan Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan. 414, , , , 41400
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Lien Fa Injection Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1967, specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic machines such as Injection Molding Machine, Direct Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine, Saving Energy Injection Molding Machine, High Speed High Pressure Injection Molding Machine, and Vertical Injection Molding Machine. We have been keeping upgrading a series of total solutions include machinery design, special processing treatment, quality control, test run and after-sa ...

CNC Lathe-Campro Precision Machinery
No.12, Jingke 1st Rd., Nantun,, , , , 40852
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Campro was founded by a strong professional group in 2003. The group has over 10 years experience in CNC Machine Tools, across domains of R&D, Manufacturing Technology, Quality Control, Application services and Marketing.   We have complete product lines which including CNC vertical machining center, CNC lathe, CNC 5 axis machining center, machining center, double column machining center, C/Y axis lathe and travelling column machining center. Our company headquarters in Taichung Taiwa ...

Bending Machine-Darting Machinery Co., Ltd.
No.350, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Tanzi Dist.,, , , , 42077
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Darting Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1972 with its headquarters located in Taichung, Taiwan. The main products include metal bending machine, rolling mill equipment, shearing machine, and steel bend forming equipment. Anticipated the trend of the industry, Darting has developed various rolling mill equipment with ISO 9001 certificated such as 150 blokes down mill equipment, high speed flying shear, deform bar auto bending equipment, auto cutting production system, etc. We have received ...

Ray Feng Machine -
No.77, Dashun Rd., Rende Dist, , , , 717
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  Ray Feng Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC lathe manufacturer with CE certificate in Taiwan. Ray Feng strives to specialize in manufacturing a full range of product development, production quality, efficiency and practicability of precision CNC lathe machines. We have earned a well reputation and feedback in our core lathe products including gang tool CNC lathe, live tool CNC lathe, slide head CNC lathe and swiss type CNC lathe to buyers ...

Dahching Electric Industrial - Welding Machines
311-2 Kangkou Village., , , , 745
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Established in 1979, Dahching Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is an experienced Welding Machine manufacturer specializing in customized production of Resistance Welding Machines. Dahching is also absolutely capable of fabricating tailor-made welding machines by specific demands from treasured customers. Last but not the least, Dahching is highly recommended of introducing specialized Seam Welding Housing and exquisitely energy-saving Transformer. Dahching also drastically emphasizes the ...

Collet Chuck - Ton Fou Enterprise Co., Ltd.
No.461, Dali Rd., Dali Dist.,, , , , 41259
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Founded in 1989, Ton Fou Enterprise Co. Ltd. has specialized in the design and manufacture of different types of machine tools, inclusive of collet chuck,power chuck, hydraulic rotary cylinder, coolant collector, and standard jaws. To hold the cutting edge in the industry, we have devoted to research and development, and been certified CE Mark by AMTRI, ISO 9002 by AMTRI of UK, ISO 9001 by NSF of USA and awarded "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence." Each and every collet chuck and machine tool product ...

Cosmo Machinery - Cutting and sealing machines
No.16, Ln. 283, Zhongzheng 3rd Rd., Yingge Dist, , , 239
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Cosmo Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of bag making machine. Cosmo produce and offer cutting and sealing machine, plastic bag making machine, t-shirt bag making machine, extruder and extrusion plant for customers all over the world. Cosmo providing top quality machines at a fair price. To date we have delivered more than 1000 bag making machines to over 60 nations. In technical development, we perform our expertise in Heat Sealing and S ...

No. 33, Rd. 36, Industrial Area, Taichung, Taiwan, , , , 420
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Hsin Lien Sheng is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry for making high qualityhydraulic press, die spotting press and deep drawing press and for providing prompt services. With more than twenty years of experience and constant improvement in technology, we have the ability to make custom Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press and Tryout Press for our customers according to their various needs. For detailed features and specifications, please pay further visits to other pages through th ...

No. 33, Rd. 36, Industrial Area,, , , , 42000
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With twenty years of producing experiences, Hsin Lien Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Hydraulic presses, Hydraulic presses, Hydraulic Press, Die Spotting Press, Crank Press, Forging Press and so on. Until now, we have launched six kinds of presses, such as hydraulic deep drawing press, 180° reversing type spotting press, high-speed hot/cold forging press, hemming machine, single/double crank press and hydraulic press, etc. On the other hand, we pay much attention on our ...

Way Train Industries  - Band Saw
No.1008, Hou Chuang Rd.,, , , , 40679
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Way Train Industries Co., Ltd. is established in 1983, and has become the success Band Saw manufacturer in Taiwan. Because Way Train makes efforts on providing precision Bandsaw, Band Saw, Metal Cutting Bandsaw, Cutting Sawing Machine, Sawing Machine, Auto Bandsaw, Metal Sawing, Double Column Sawing Machine, Angle Cutting Machine, Angle Sawing Machine, it continuously introduce a lot of technology and facilities. Until now, it has manufactured a series Band Saw, Sawing Machine and Metal Band Saw ...

Kontec Precision Industrial - EDM Machinery
No.116, Wenshan 9th St.,, , , , 40800
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Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, Kontec Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturer of EDM Machinery. With over 25 years of experience, we produce a high standard of EDM machinery and related products to meet all client requirements from the simple to the complex. Furthermore, Kontec also offers a full producing line to better serve our clients needs for manufacturing. We offer machinery and service ranging from CNC EDM, Drill EDM, Tap Remover ...

Lien Chieh Machinery  - Hydraulic Press
No. 102. Nan-Kang Rd., Sec. 3,, , , 115
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Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 specializing in manufacture of hydraulic press for over 60 years. With years’ experience and techniques, LCM provides professional and custom hydraulic press such as deep drawing presses, die spotting presses, die try out presses, forging presses and hemming presses and related presses machinery for a wide range of industrial applications. Our main customers include Ford Motor Company and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Each LCM press is custom ...

No.7-1, Shude 12th St., Taiping Dist.,, , ,
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PARKER PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of Blow Molding Machine turnkey solutions. We were founded in 1989. We offer a wide range of blow moulding machines, injection blow molding machines, extrusion blow molding machines, plastic blow molding machines and stretch blow molding machines. Molding capacities of Parker plastic machinery are from 20cc to 200 liters in PE, PP, and PVC materials, from 150cc to 20 liters in PET, and 5cc to 1 liter for injection blow containers, ...

Australia's Livestock Exporters Taiwan
No. 62 Linhai 2nd Road, , , , 804
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Australia’s Livestock Exporters is a world one of the most popular livestock exporters specializing in the dairy and breeder livestock industry. We are available to export Australian dairy livestock to Taiwan.

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