Quick guide to polish and maintain a Marble Floor

We all have been to hotels when the reception lobby is shining the palace of a European king from the medieval days. There are corporate headquarters where the entrance feels more hygienic and clean than some of the well-kept surgery rooms. Do you know what is common between both these places – an exceptionally well maintained marble floor, which is the result of years of marble floor maintenance.

Every single person who has opted for a marble flooring for its premium feel and sturdy look, has always complained about one thing – it starts feeling aged after a few years. Well, this can be a persistent problem for people if they imagine the floor to take care of itself.


Marble, although a component of stone, is more like window glass when it comes to maintenance. Yes, it is strong and yes it is sturdy, but if you do not take care of its surface, it will start looking old; the problem with ‘old’ looking marble is that it is spread throughout the house and hence can affect the feel of the entire interior.

So, here is a guide to help you with maintaining the feel and look of your marble flooring to keep it fresh and new for the times to come.

First thing’s first – do you understand the marble?

You might get tempted to call a concierge agency or hire someone to come and clean your house; but before you get on that ride, do you know what type of marble you have on your floors? This is important because you cannot treat a normal car the way you would treat a Ferrari. One is more fragile and would require more care because of its high price tag; the other one is easily replaceable and yet requires some maintenance.

So, the two types of marbles are natural marble and cultured marble. The titles more or less speak for themselves.

In order to determine which one do you have on your floor, you can simply place your palm on the surface of the marble. If the marble is cooler than the room temperature, it is natural marble; if it matches the room temperature, it is cultured.

Now, you can go ahead with your marble floor cleaner shopping.

Buy the right products.

Once you have determined the type of marble you have, it is crucial to buy the right kind of floor cleaner. When you are out there in search of the best marble floor cleaner Make an Inquiry about this news you should stay away from the highly acidic ones.

This can be checked by simply turning the cleaner and checking for its PH content. If the PH content is way beyond seven, you should put it down and search for a softer one.

You may want to believe that a stronger, more acidic cleaner will help you clean the marble floors and maintain their hygiene, but if you do so, you run the risk of permanently staining or damaging the floor’s surface.

Use your tool correctly.

The best way to clean your marble floors is by doing it gently, with care and by using fluids. Whenever you see a stain, irrespective of how small or light it is, attend it immediately and clean it.

Always rinse the floor properly before cleaning.

If you have had your marble floor for years, it also makes sense to go for marble floor polishing.

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