Wooden Street extends comfort to your dine with launching Extendable Dining Tables

We Indians are strongly attached to the family feeling, that even if a 5-year-old wins a dance competition, we can invite the entire family. But what if you are a family of 4 and there come more people to sit along?

At a Glance!

Start-Up: Wooden Street

Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat

Year It was Founded: 2015

Location: Udaipur

Section: Furniture E-Commerce

Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

It is here that extendable dining sets can be of utter utilization. Extendable dining table sets have this tendency of being amiable for every size and every seater. And Wooden Street has instigated an active role towards forging a wonderful range of extendable dining tables that can fit in any dinette.

Wooden Street has a folding dining table Make an Inquiry about this news for small spaces and extendable dining set to stretch to the fullest.

2 Seater Folding Dining Table

For a compact space, and a small and less spacious dinette, 2 seater folding dining tables are the most miraculous to bring in. 2 seater folding dining table is forged in a way that it can be fixed in the smallest space.

Folding dining table such as Benz Wall Mount 2 Seater Foldable Dining Set from Wooden Street depicts well to how it works. It can be opened to a dining table and then can be folded back to a flat plinth.

This makes it extremely lovable to fledge a small dinette for a couple fully.

4 Seater Extendable Dining Table

4 Seater extendable dining table sets are extended right from the middle which invite additional plinth to accommodate more people.

4 seater expandable dining sets such as Advin 4 Seater Extendable Dining Set from Wooden Street is one such dining set which can easily stretch itself to settle more.

6 Seater Extendable Dining Table

6 Seater Extendable dining table sets are perfect Indian family furniture, as it can board an entire family over it.

6 seater dining table sets such as Franco Extendable 6 Seater Dining Set, Tim Extendable Dining Table from Wooden Street are ones with fancy appeal and utter functionality. They can be stretched to get at least 8 people from 6.

So, perfect dining for a whole family.

Along with providing a furniture range for every home type, Wooden Street has also pioneered in “customization services.” This is to ensure that you get exactly what your home deserves. With Wooden Street’s customization service, you can play with the shapes and sizes so that you formulate the perfect furniture for your home.

For more information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 and avail the readily available customer service to serve you 24*7.

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