Tobee® G Gravel Sand Pump

Size: 4" to 18" Capacity: 36-4320m3/h Head: 5m-80 m Max. frame power: 1400kw Handling solids: 0-260mm Concentration: 0-70% Material: High chrome alloy, Cast iron, Stainless steel etc

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Tobee® G/GH Sand Gravel Pumps are designed specifically for continuous pumping of extremely aggressive slurries, gavels, and sands. with a wide particle size distribution. Capable of handling large particles at consistently high efficiencies results in low cost of ownership. The large volume internal profile of the casing reduces associated velocities further increasing component life.

Design Features:

√ The unique segmented clamp ring on larger size units and solid on smaller pumps, facilitates casing rotation to any angle, reducing the need for costly high wearing bends.

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Minimal maintenance is required.

√ Impeller expulsion vanes reduce gland pressure and intrusion of high concentrations of solids in the gland area. Efficiency is maintained by minimising suction side recirculation.

√ Specially designed and shaped impeller vanes allow the handling of extraordinarily large particles. The unique casing design and sealing vanes prevent abrasive solids intrusion at the sealing faces.

√ The large, robust casing has been designed to reduce internal velocities resulting in minimum efficiency loss and improved casing wear life. The casing is made up of three components to reduce maintenance time and costs associated with a onepiece design. (Except the 6/4 DG which has two components)

√ Tobee heavy-duty grease lubricated taper roller bearing assemblies are fitted as standard. A rigid large diameter shaft with reduced overhang minimises deflection and vibration under all conditions ensuring trouble free operation. Unusually high service factors enable the assembly to carry all radial and axial thrusts.

√ A unique “-10” (dash 10) end cover assembly comprising of V-seals, double piston rings and an external flinger with grease lubricated labyrinths are standard with all warman pumps

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