Android World USA Freedom 7 Tablet Beats Apple iPad2

Android World USA, a leading developer and supplier of digital media technologies announced today the availability of the Freedom 7 tablet product line that includes the Freedom 703C for unmatched tablet functionality versus the Apple iPad2:

                                                     Freedom 703C           Apple iPad2

Processor Speed                                1GHz                         1GHz
Operating System                            Android 3.0                   IOS5
Touch Screen                                 Capacitance                Capacitance
Wi-Fi Networking                                Yes                             Yes
Built-in Camera                                    Yes                             Yes
Adobe Flash                                     Yes - 11.0                      No
Expandable Storage                      Yes - Up to 32GB              No
USB port                                              Yes                             No
HDMI port                                           Yes                             No
Display Size                                         7 inch                         9.7 inch
Active Battery Life                             7 - 8 hours                  8-10 hours
Retail Price                                          $199.99                     $399.99
Options USB keyboard case Magnetic cover

Freedom 7 tablet optional features include:

- USB keyboard case (allows for easier browser searching, email typing, protects your tablet)
- Mini-HDMI Cable
- Mini-HDMI Adapter

"The Android World USA Freedom 7 tablet offers more features than the Apple iPad2 including Adobe Flash, expandable storage of up to 32GB, a USB port, a HDMI port to enable the user to show movies, television programming, photos on their living room TV, plus the availability to download the tens of thousands of Android apps and at $199.99 versus $399.99 for the Apple iPad2." said Robert Wallin, Android World USA CTO. "The Freedom series tablets deliver a clear advantage in features and price."


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