Avi Networks signs senior engineer to help target F5 and Citrix customers

Avi Networks, which delivers multi-cloud application services with intelligent automation and elasticity across any cloud, today announced the appointment of Cameron Jenkins as Systems Engineer for Australia and New Zealand.

He has more than two decades’ experience in technical engineering, with vendors that include Airloom most recently, plus O2 Networks and F5 Networks.

“These are exciting times for Avi Networks as we are in the midst of an aggressive campaign targeting customers of the more established load-balancing vendors such as F5 and Citrix, who are coming up for renewal,” said Jenkins. “Our technology offers options that these cannot deliver.”

He explained that the benefits of Avi’s recently announced SaaS delivery model and architecture include faster time-to-value, operational simplicity and deployment flexibility, as well as high performance and low cost.

Avi SaaS is the industry’s first SaaS solution for multi-cloud load balancing.

It offers an easy on-ramp to configure and manage network services for applications deployed on-premises and across any cloud environment.

Avi SaaS provides cloud-managed software to deliver application services including load balancing, web application firewall (WAF), global server load balancing (GSLB), and service mesh for containers across a multi-cloud environment. The solution overcomes the limitations of appliance-based ADCs, which are not designed for the public cloud.

 Avi SaaS combines the easy deployment of cloud-provider solutions and enterprise-grade features without being constrained to a single environment. Avi SaaS delivers consistent capabilities regardless of infrastructure, accelerates time-to-value, lowers OpEx, and drives operational simplicity.

Avi SaaS complements Avi’s flagship product, the Avi Vantage Platform, by delivering the Avi Controller as a cloud-managed service. Avi’s SaaS model delivers the fastest path to productivity for provisioning load balancers, monitoring application performance in real time, and rapidly resolving application issues.

Avi’s central control plane is wholly provisioned and managed for customers by Avi, with the Avi Service Engines (distributed load balancers) deployed close to the applications that enterprises own.

Avi SaaS customers can select the region(s) where their controllers are hosted to fit their needs for delivery and resilience requirements. They can also opt for isolated instances to meet security and compliance policies.

Avi SaaS is available for sign-up and you can learn more at avinetworks.com/saas.

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