Make Corrupted File Recovery An Easy Task By Using This Tool

Convenient as it is, storing significant data in digital products risks. And the degree of risk varies from person to person and device to device.

For example, if you are good at managing data in portable electronic products and know very clear about how to finish corrupted file recovery after drive corruption, you run a small risk of losing needed files. However, if you just save files to internal/external drive in an inappropriate way and then put it aside, you are very likely to push yourself to jeopardy. And no matter how regretful you are, you can never have a second chance to make all things right.

Corrupted file recovery 1

Please don’t worry; if it is the soft faults that cause file corruption, then, congratulations, there’s a large possibility for the successful corrupted data recovery.

Our advice, in this case, is to look for powerful but free file recovery software. We find MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced users.

How to Restore Corrupted File

Preparations: Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0 from the reliable site; then, install it to your computer hard drive/removable device immediately(you need to connect the removable device to the computer before recovery).

Corrupted file recovery 2

Notice: you are forbidden to install the software to the drive which includes corrupted files because this may bring irreversible damage to corrupted files so that they can never be recovered no matter how hard you try.

Steps to recover data from corrupted drive:

1. Confirm the type of corrupted drive – is it an internal hard disk or external drive? If it’s internal, just go to step 2; if it’s external, please connect it to the computer now and make sure it appears here.

2. Run MiniToolPower Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0 and choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” (if you need to restore corrupted file from a missing partition, you should choose “Lost Partition Recovery”).

3. Select the target drive and click on “Full Scan” to detect files in it. And at the end of the scan, please pick out the files you need and then press “Save” button to set a storage path and initiate the actual recovery step.

Corrupted file recovery 3

4. When all files are recovered to the storage path you set, a prompt window will pop up, telling you that the corrupted file recovery is finished. Now, you can close the software and put an end to recovery.

Notice: if the size of files that you selected to recover is massive 1GB (the free recovery limit), you’re not able to continue recovery until you buy a license to upgrade the software.


Users can know it easily – files lost due to soft failure may be recovered quickly (it just takes a few simple steps to recover data from corrupted drive with recommended tool).However, if the files are missing after physical damage, they may be gone forever. As a result, though files can be recovered from corrupted drive sometimes, we still should try our best to avoid file loss accidents.

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