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Some real cases introduced you low disk space issue on partition in Windows 10. In this post, I will give you some solutions to this issue in detail.

Windows 10 Partition Is Almost Full

Due to the advantages of Windows 10 including Cortana, hologram technology and more, many of you choose to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8.1 for a good user experience. After a period of time, more and more data are saved on your partition, and the data occupy much disk space. Although the hard drive you use is relatively big, it is most likely that your hard drive is almost full or only C drive is running out of space. Here let’s take system partition as an example. 

When there is no disk space, you will find your partition bar gets red. Sometime Windows will prompt you a specific message "You are running very slow on disk space on local disk (C:). Click here to see if you can free space on this drive". When low disk space warning happens in your PC, you will most likely encounter one or more situations. 

Two Methods to Extend C Drive Windows 10 Use Disk Management to Extend Partition Windows 10 

You can only extend a volume if it has unallocated space to the right of it on the same disk. Windows can’t extend a basic partition to its left—you’ll need third-party software for that.

To extend a volume, right-click the existing volume (which has unallocated space to its right), and then click “Extend Volume.”


In the “Extend Volume Wizard” window, click “Next.”

The “Select Disks” screen will already have the appropriate disk selected. It also shows the total volume size and the maximum available space you have to extend the volume. Just select the space you want to use and then click the “Next” button. Here, we’re extending our volume to use all of the available unallocated space.

And finally, click the “Finish” button to have Windows extend the volume.

The Disk Management tool isn’t as flashy as some third-party tools—in fact. Third-party partition managers do sometimes include more advanced features—like creating bootable disks, recovering information from damaged volumes, and the ability to extend volumes into unallocated space to the left of the volume. So, if you need any of those features, it might be worth taking a look around. Popular choices include MiniTool Partition Wizard and many others.

Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to Extend System Partition Windows 10 

Case 1: When there is unallocated space adjacent (it can be at left side or right side) to your system partition in Windows 10. 

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, then go to the main interface. Select system partition C, then select "Move/Resize Partition" from the action pane. 

Step 2: Then in the pop-up window, drag the black arrow to occupy the unallocated space. Here "Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode" is checked by default and it can protect your data when sudden power outage happens. 

Step 3: Finally click "Apply" to perform system partition extension operation. 

Case 2: When there is no unallocated space next to system partition in Windows 10. 

Here, Its "Extend" feature enables you to expand partition by taking free space from any other existing partitions or unallocated spaces on the same disk. 

Step 1: Please select the Windows 10 system partition and click "Extend Partition" function from the left pane. Also it is OK to right click on C partition and select "Extend" feature. 


Step 2: Then, choose to take free space from a partition or unallocated space and drag the sliding handle to decide how much free space to take. After that, click "OK" to go back to the main interface. 


Step 3: Now you can view the partition is enlarged, but this effect has not been applied to computer, so you need to click on "Apply" button to execute all changes. 


Hope this post will help you in some way!

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