How to Restore Partition on SD Card?

Have an SD card but find its partition is not showing up or it shows the wrong size? Take it easy now! Professional partition recovery software can help to restore partition on SD card with ease. Now read this post to learn how to restore SD card partition in these two cases.

There are many kinds of data storage devices, such as a USB flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, hard drive, memory stick, SD card and more. Among them, the SD card is widely used by many users.

Usually, the SD card is applied in a digital camera, handheld computer, mobile phone, video game console, digital camcorder and more. By using an SD card, you can transfer data, or increase internal storage space.


However, when using an SD card in the daily life, some SD card issues always happen, for example, the partition on SD card gets missing, and SD card shows wrong size. In this post, I will show you how to restore SD card partition in these two cases. 

How to Restore Partition on SD Card Windows 10/8/7

Case 1: SD Card No Partition Issue

SD Partition Is Lost

From the above part, we know SD card is used in some phones, cameras, or other portable devices. Usually, there is not enough storage space on the internal storage of these devices, so in order to reduce the burden of internal storage space and increase internal storage space of your phone or camera, SD card becomes a good choice.

However, it is possible that you remove the partition on SD card by mistake. For instance, you insert your SD card into an SD card reader and connect this device to a computer, and then resize SD card partition in Windows for storage space increase, but delete all the partitions accidentally.


In this case, SD card partition loss issue appears, then to do SD card partition recovery will be an urgent affair.

Use SD Card Recovery Tool to Recover Lost Partition

Once you find that your SD card partition is lost and shows unallocated space in Windows Disk Management, you probably feel very annoyed and are wondering: Is it possible to get missing partition back? How can I restore data from the unallocated space of the SD card?

As a matter of fact, it is possible for you to do a fast and efficient partition recovery as well as partition data recovery of your SD card on condition that no new data are written to the location of the lost or deleted partition and overwrite the old lost files.

In order to recover lost SD card partition and data completely and effectively, you should search for a reliable and professional SD card recovery tool. Here we strongly recommend you to use MiniTool Partition Wizard which is developed by the MiniTool dedicated team.

For a full and easy SD card partition recovery, the "Partition Recovery" feature offers you help and it is safe enough to ensure data security.

Its Free Edition allows you to only scan lost partition but not to recover lost partition. So you can free download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to check whether your lost SD card partition can be found. Then purchase a license code to restore partition on SD card. For more knowledge about the comparison of each edition, click here.

In addition, there is another professional data recovery software called MiniTool Power Data Recovery. With its "Removable Disk Drive" module, you can easily recover data from lost SD card partition.

To learn about the detailed steps, check out the tutorials here.

Case 2: Micro SD Card Showing Wrong Size

Recover Data from Damaged SD Card

If your SD card showing wrong size, perhaps it is damaged. Actually, the SD card is likely to get corrupted due to many reasons including the incompatibility between SD card and some devices, invisible shadow files, overhead formatting, and more. In this case, to recover files from corrupted micro SD card should be done firstly.

So, how to do this data recovery? Fortunately, MiniTool Partition Wizard can also be your good assistant since it offers a powerful feature - "Data Recovery". With the feature, it is easy to recover data from damaged SD card.

Restore SD Card to Full Capacity

Now with the help of this professional data recovery software, to recover files from corrupted micro SD card has been done effectively. Then it is time to do micro SD card partition repair. How to restore SD card to its original size?

When searching such a topic, you will find many users recommend formatting the damaged SD card. But you probably fail to format it with "Windows was unable to complete the format" error message. Luckily, our software MiniTool Partition Wizard can be used to format your SD card to restore partition on SD card.

With MiniTool Partition Wizard, SD card repair tool, it is easy to do micro SD card partition repair by formatting.

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