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"Disk Unknown Not Initialized" issue usually attacks unexpectedly in all the Windows version of Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008 and annoys numerous users. When it happens, your external hard drive may show "unallocated space" or nothing in Disk Management, so you are not able to go access the data on this disk.

When "Disk Unknown Not Initialized" issue occurs, your hard drive may show unallocated space in Disk Management, and you cannot access the data on this disk.


In addition, there is another situation: there is no disk space shown in Disk Management.

In general, disk unknown not initialized can be caused because of virus attack, corrupted Master Boot Record, partition loss, bad sectors, some computer file system corruption and more. If you can't figure out the case, please try the following solutions one by one to fix it.

How to Solve Disk Unknown Not Initialized Windows 10/8/7 Case 1: Disk Unknown, Not initialized, Unallocated

Firstly open Disk Management and find the uninitialized disk. If this disk shows disk capacity, it means your Windows operating system has recognized this disk, but due to some reasons, the partition is lost or MBR is corrupted. In this case, you can use professional software to fix MBR and recover partition.

Solution 1: Initialize Your Hard Drive

When it comes to hard disk not initialized, the first thing that you may do is to initialize this hard drive. Just right click "My computer" and then select "Manage" option to run Disk Management. Or click "Win + R" keys and input "compmgmt.msc" to run this free partition management tool.

Then find the external hard drive which is connected to the computer, you will see this unknown disk shows "unallocated". If there are no important files saved to this external hard drive, you can initialize disk without losing data to MBR or GPT to directly solve this problem in Windows 10.

Solution 2: Rebuild MBR

MBR is the abbreviation of Master Boot Record which is a special type of boot sector at the beginning of the hard drive. Nevertheless, MBR is possible to be corrupted due do many reasons, such as malware infection, accidental power failure, and mistaken operation.

If MBR gets corrupted, the operating system is not likely to know where to go to access the data. When meeting this case, "disk 1 unknown not initialized external hard drive" issue is possible to occur. Therefore, you need to rebuild MBR to your disk to solve this issue.

How to fix MBR in Windows 10?

In the partition and disk management software market, there is one tool which is called MiniTool Partition Wizard that is highly popular with many users. It is believed that you also know it.

Step 1: Please double click MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition and then select "Launch Application" option.

Step 2: Then you can see many features in the left pane on the main interface. Please select the unknown external hard drive, click "Rebuild MBR" feature from "Check Disk" menu. You can also right-click the target disk and select this function.


Step 3: Then you will go back to the main interface. Click "Apply" button to execute the change.

If this way is also unless to fix disk 1 unknown not initialized Western Digital, try another solution as follows.

Solution 3: Partition Recovery

To some degree, rebuilding MBR can't work on "disk unknown not initialized" issue. In Disk Management, if you find disk shows unallocated space, just try to do partition recovery.

Fortunately, you can also use "Partition Recovery" feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard to do this work. This feature is a quite good solution, which can help you to recover the lost partition, also including data on the partition. As long as the new partition has not been created, it is useful.

When "hard drive not initialized in Disk Management" occurs, please try this solution, just like sevenforums mentioned using partition recovery to solve this issue. Here is a step-by-step guidance below in Windows 10.

Step 1: First of all, run MiniTool Partition Wizard right now. Then you will enter into its main interface. Just choose the target disk which is shown as "unallocated space" and right-click on it to select "Partition Recovery" or click this function from "Check Disk" drop-down menu.


Step 2: Then it is time to select scanning range for the specified disk. You can see three scanning range as follows:

  • Full Disk: This setting can help you scan the entire disk, which is very useful to find the lost partition.
  • Unallocated Space: This choice only helps to scan free space.
  • Specified Range: It is useful to scan specified sectors. When clicking this option, you can change "Starting LBA" and "Ending LBA" according to your needs.

Just choose one to scan the deleted or lost partition according to your needs. Then click "Next" to continue.


Step 3: Then please select a scanning method.

Click "Next" to continue doing partition recovery in Windows 10.

Step 4: Then you need to wait for a while for this scan and find the lost or deleted partitions. After finishing a scan, all lost partitions will be displayed in the following list. Please select the partitions you need.

Step 5: In the main interface, you can preview all lost partitions. Click "Apply" to execute all changes.

After performing partition recovery, you can repair "disk 1 unknown not initialized external hard drive" issue and all data on this external hard drive can be accessed.

If MiniTool Partition Wizard can't help you find the lost or deleted partitions, but there is a large amount of important data saved on the hard drive, you may try out other methods, such as recover data from unknown disk.


In summary, this issue "disk unknown not initialized" can be solved easily with the assistance of MiniTool Partition Wizard and Power Data Recovery. When meeting such a problem, please try MiniTool products to rebuild MBR, recover partition and retrieve data right now. Hope this post is useful to you.

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