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How to choose the right paperless solution for your business- a simple guide

Smartphones and tablets as replacement for Paper (A short guide for choosing the right paperless field solution)

Smart mobile phones are increasingly being used as a mobile mini powerful computer to replace paper based processes in the field across several industries. Paper based inspection reporting is no longer efficient in a highly mobile world where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are widely adopted.

 Paper reports create a fresh loop of work because they need to be manually entered again into the office database, effectively doubling the work of recording the results and stretching the reporting, invoicing and corrective actions timeline.

Paperless inspection solution deployed on smart phones and tablets have the ability to replace this paper-intensive process by ensuring that the paperless inspection process is not stopped or affected in anyway if the operator loses web/internet connectivity anytime during the inspection.

The paperless inspection software has the ability to ‘store and forward’ the inspection results. In the event  the  field technician is working in an area without internet coverage, the data collection and inspection activities will not be compromised or disturbed.

Once the smart phone or the tablet re-establishes an internet connection via 3G, LTE, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the data can be sent back to the database (In the cloud or in the office).


The data collected in the field is seamlessly available over the web for further action by any stakeholder such as supervisors, accounts personnel, clients or sub-contractors over a web portal.

Given the number of paperless inspection software options on the market, how does one choose the right solution?

An important factor to consider would be whether the solution has a ‘backend’ database.

A number of paperless inspection solutions are simply ‘form fillers’ whereby a static form is completed and sent to a client. Having a database back up the paperless field software allows users to archive all inspections done, interrogate the database by building specific queries, and set up automatic email reminders of upcoming inspections or automatic emails of corrective steps undertaken among many other actions.

It is important to consider the broader benefits of a fully operational paperless software package, and not just the cost alone. Most full service software users can recover the cost within 6-9 months.

To conclude, companies seeking sophisticated computing power to use field mobility software need not look beyond the mobile device in their pocket.

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