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CareMonkey help schools and clubs collect payments for memberships and excursions

CareMonkey introduce new feature to help schools and clubs collect payments via credit and debit cards.

CareMonkey, the world’s fastest growing emergency health and safety platform, have introduced CareMonkey Payments, a new feature for collecting payments via mobile devices. CareMonkey Payments helps schools and clubs collect payments faster, while significantly reducing the hassle involved to collect money.

CareMonkey is a cloud-based health and safety solution that automatically keeps medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care, making these important details instantly available to authorised cares on their mobile devices in an emergency. With CareMonkey Payments, organisations can now request payments as part of any online form, making it faster and easy to collect money for memberships, excursions and camps.

“CareMonkey Payments is a feature many of our clients really wanted,” said Troy Westley, CEO and Co-Founder at CareMonkey. “Our aim is to transform how organisations collect and store medical and consent information by eliminating paper-based forms.

CareMonkey Payments now helps organisations take the time and hassle out of collecting money.”

CareMonkey Payments is now being used by schools, clubs and businesses. Examples of where CareMonkey Payments has come to the rescue:

  • Schools collecting payments for excursions, field trips and camps

  • Sporting clubs collecting membership payments

  • Outdoor groups collecting payments for field trips and activities

“We found our clients were wasting a lot of time chasing payments, cross-checking bank statements to see who paid, and manually writing tax invoices,” said Westley.

“Now, CareMonkey does all the work for them.

You can send out a payment request to an entire group in one click, and CareMonkey automatically chases up people for payment, so you don’t have to.”

“Parents, guardians and our adult users love the convenience.” said Westley. “CareMonkey saves them time by allowing them to to complete permission and consent forms, and make that payment in just a few clicks on their mobile device.”

CareMonkey Payments is now included as part of the CareMonkey platform. CareMonkey Payments accepts Credit and Debit Cards, and there is no joining fee, no monthly fees and no equipment costs.

Learn more about CareMonkey Payments at…-payments/

CareMonkey - Emergency Health and Safety

CareMonkey automates the collection of medical and consent forms, providing authorised staff with emergency access, even when they are offline. CareMonkey ensures medical records are kept up to date, and helps authorised staff know what to do, who to call, and what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency.

With more than 1 million users around the world, CareMonkey is used by schools and universities, sporting clubs at all levels, outdoor groups, day care centres, businesses, plus the community and disability sectors.

CareMonkey is available free for families. For more information visit

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