Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Reviews

Quote startOur new features include: a brand new support centre, video tutorials, cloud storage for businesses, and iPad and iPhone apps.Quote end

Atlanta, Ga (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Cloud Storage Reviews ( interviewed Ian Leighfield of ZipCloud about how ZipCloud has made significant progress in their efforts to shake up the Cloud Storage Market.

Ian Leighfield discussed many of the ZipCloud's plans during the interview including company details, service plans, how it all works, and future releases.

Ian talked a little about the beginning of ZipCloud. He mentioned that it was started in 2011 with the aim “to be the best and most comprehensive cloud storage service on the market”. Since Ian and his fellow team members at Just Develop It have had success in web hosting, they decided online cloud backup was the next area they would tackle. “There have not been many revolutionary changes in online backup for quite a while and we set out to change this” said Ian regarding ZipCloud.

Cloud Storage Reviews inquired further about the products offered by ZipCloud. Ian explained, “It incorporates unlimited cloud storage with easy to use tools and a sleek cool design. ZipCloud works with Windows, Mac OSx, and linux and offers industry standard features as well as several advanced features”. ZipCloud uses Amazon S3 servers for their cloud which has 256 AES encryption for superior security.

Ian Leighfield was excited to talk about the business environment at ZipCloud. Saying, “We are a young and vibrant company, the average age in the office is around twenty seven. Don’t let that fool you, we work incredibly hard and have some very innovative ideas. We also have some great team days out, such as go karting and horse racing.”

Visit ZipCloud to learn more about exactly what their services include.

Ian and his team have big plans for ZipCloud. He noted “Yes, we have a vast array of features all being released before the June 1st. Our new features include: a brand new support centre, video tutorials, cloud storage for businesses, and iPad and iPhone apps.” are all new features to be expecting.

About Cloud Storage Reviews -- Cloud Storage Reviews, established in 2012, is owned and managed by Intown Web Design of Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for individuals and businesses to learn about cloud storage and online backup. Cloud Storage Reviews Expert and Customer reviews help everyone find the best cloud storage service for their particular needs.

About Intown Web Design ( -- Intown Web Design, located in Atlanta, Ga, is a web design and development firm with a focus on creating functional websites for business. Clients range from startups to corporations traded on the NYSE. Founded in 2007, with a specialty in open source technologies including PHP, WordPress and WordPress. They have continued to expand their expertise into improving site performance, usability and search engine rankings.


Quote startIt’s been exciting to see Net Fusion leverage what we have to offer to grow and expand so much in only a year’s time and its new security audit will allow them to further develop both nationwide and globally.Quote end

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Phoenix NAP®, a full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP), announced today that its client Net Fusion, leading IT managed services provider, has successfully completed a SSAE 16, SOC II, Type II and SOC III audit. The IT managed services provider cited its interest in leveraging Phoenix NAP’s offerings to expand and further help support managed services for its clients as motivating factors in pursuing additional security audits.

“The successful completion of our recent SSAE 16, SOC II, Type II and SOC III audits has validated the processes and procedures we use both internally and with our clients. Furthermore, it affirms Net Fusion’s commitment to enhancing the security and the quality of service that we provide to our clients and partners," said Chris Goulding, CEO of Net Fusion.

Net Fusion offers various managed services out of Phoenix NAP, enabling its customers to leverage the data center environment to fulfill all of their colocation and consulting needs. The Net Fusion data center service portfolio includes remote hands management, full systems management, 24x7x365 Help Desk, advanced infrastructure and development consulting services, and other management services (e.g. monitoring; patch management; backup management; etc.)

“We are thrilled that Net Fusion has completed its latest security audit,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP. “It’s been exciting to see Net Fusion leverage what we have to offer to grow and expand so much in only a year’s time and its new security audit will allow them to further develop both nationwide and globally. We look forward to working with Net Fusion to offer our combined service offerings and provide colocation, cloud or managed services as a total value solution to our customer bases.”

Phoenix NAP is a PCI DSS Validated Service Provider and a SOC Type 2 audited facility.

About Phoenix NAP
Phoenix NAP, a full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP) for the Phoenix, AZ, metro region leads the path for technology systems and solutions through its innovation and vastly redundant data center systems. Our highly personalized approach ensures that all of your requirements are met. Whether it’s high-density colocation, flexible storage, physical servers or cloud hosting services, our enterprise-grade facility and certified NOC technicians supply IT solutions to fit your every need. For more information, visit the company's website at

About Net Fusion
Net Fusion Services is an IT solutions provider with an elite application development practice and a 24x7x365 proactive IT managed services offering. Our service portfolio includes expertise in areas of software development, application integration and enterprise data services, call center services as well as infrastructure experience with a focus on the datacenter, LAN/WAN, desktop, network security, and business continuity. Net Fusion leverages a partner-centric model to deliver quality services to our customers. For more information, visit the company’s website at

DLP Law Firm Site

DLP Law Firm Site

Quote startEnsure their visitors have a great experience no matter what device they’re usingQuote end

Scranton, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Otreva Designs, a Pennsylvania website design company, launched two responsive websites in the first quarter of 2012 helping clients reach visitors on all types of devices including smartphones and tablets. The first website was for the Pennsylvania car accident lawyers of Dougherty, Leventhal and Price. The second was for Vitamin Partners, an online health supplement store that specializes in healthcare practitioner brands of popular supplements.

Otreva Designs specializes in designing responsive websites that automatically adjust to a device’s width. Responsive web designs adapt automatically to the device's width they are being displayed on using CSS3 media queries. A smartphone screen is normally around only 320 pixels wide while a desktop screen can be 1440 pixels or more. At over 4.5x the size of a normal smartphone, the desktop screen can support much more content than a smartphone. However with a responsive web design, designers can plan for these differences in size and display the content based on need. This eliminates excessive resizing, panning and scrolling as well as accidental clicks on incorrect web page links when using a smartphone. “Responsive web design is a great solution for many websites owners who want to ensure their visitors have a great experience no matter what device they’re using,” says lead responsive designer Mike Averto. “However it isn’t a complete replacement for a mobile application. Until frameworks like Sencha Touch can compete with all the native features of devices like smartphones, native mobile applications cannot be completely replaced.”

35% of all American adults have a smartphone and some 87% of these owners have access to the internet from their device according to Pew Internet. When asked what device these adults normally use to access the internet, 25% of the smartphone owners said that they mostly go online using their phone, rather than with a computer.

About Otreva Designs
Otreva Designs is a Scranton, Pennsylvania based web marketing company focused on creating web products that help website owners reach their online potential. Creating a website is only a small part of internet marketing. Otreva Designs also offers custom application development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management and Social Media Marketing services for its customers. For more information on Otreva Designs & its PA Web Design services, please visit or call 888.570.8166

BlueHost Ruby on Rails Hosting Review

BlueHost Ruby on Rails Hosting Review

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012, a leading independent web hosting review & rating site, today releases the in-depth review for BlueHost Ruby on Rails hosting from Ruby on Rails features, databases, performance, and price.

BlueHost is the largest professional shared web hosting provider founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, offering an award-winning single all-in-one professional hosting plan. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company built a dedicated data center from scratch that invested 8.5 million USD in 2010. So far they have over 400 employees and about 3,000 servers serving for 2 million customers worldwide.

As the review by TCWH, BlueHost professional hosting plan is the best budget shared web hosting service running websites developed by Ruby on Rails. They differentiate their Ruby on Rails hosting service to other companies by the following unique set of features.

1. Support mod_rails which allows ROR web applications to occupy approximately 30% less memory and protect Apache2 server from crashing even in case of Ruby on Rails application crashing.
2. Support the latest version of Rails 3.2 based on the latest version of Ruby 1.9.3.
3. Provide unlimited MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 databases.
4. Allow secure shell (SSH) access that the experienced users can remotely deploy and manage their ruby on rails websites.

BlueHost Ruby on Rails hosting is pricing at $6.95/mo regularly, but now making a special 44% discount for $3.95/mo for all visitors from the promotional link. Visit to claim BlueHost 44% discount and to learn more information about BlueHost.

About (TCWH) is an independent leading web hosting review website, designed to help people find the best web hosting deal at an affordable rate, based on the review from their true experience and real customer voice.

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Chatwing Chosen as Top Mashup

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012 is full of nice and trendy web applications to offer. It is considered as a directory of helpful applications, visited by hundreds and thousands of users daily. Chatwing, a free chat widget with stable ranking, has recently been tagged as a mash-up of the day in

To become a mash-up of the day, the application must be versatile enough to satisfy a lot of people. As a mash-up, the application will be showed in the website, thus its publicity will increase. Everyone can access mash-up applications in

Chatwing deserves the sweet spot because of its simple mechanics yet high connectivity rate. Its users can even log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This simply means that chatters can now exchange profile information easily. Once they log in using their Facebook accounts, others can send them invitations. Adding to that, the users can select from a wide array of avatars. Emoticons are also available to spice up any conversation.

Chatwing can even be installed to blogs to increase their rate of visibility. It has been proven that blogs with Chatwing had moderate to high visibility in just under a week prior to installation. This simply proves that website chat entices a lot of visitors. Enticed visitors have large tendencies to return to entertaining websites.

There are many chat sites out there that offered the same functions with Chatwing. However, they have lower rates for connection and their installation mechanics are somehow complicated. For new users who want to discover the Chatwing potential, the Chatwing Facebook blog is constantly rigged with updates.

About Chatwing has developed live chat software for websites and blogs. The website offers users the ability to signup and create a customizable live chat feature in 1 minute or less. Users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product. The ability to chat via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a personal and unique real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free web software.

chatwing, facebook chat, shoutbox, chat box, free chat software, shoutbox, shout box, website chat

Free Chat for any Site

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

People love to engage in entertaining chat every now and then. This is true, especially for people who spend a lot of time in the Internet. There are many things to talk about in every chatroom. In fact, most chatrooms are sorted into categories so that people can find them easily. The Chatwing application is dedicated to the pursuit of a whole new chatting experience. This chat application is known for its simplicity and high rate of global connection.

One of the best things about Chatwing is the capability to leverage Facebook. Here, users can log in using their Facebook accounts. This simply means an easy exchange of personal information. A user can just click another user’s logged in name, and he can now send invitation through Facebook.

Chatwing is a free chat widget. This is unlike other applications with initial subscription fees and hidden fees. People are skeptical to pay dollars for some applications that won’t generate enough connectivity. Ever since its inception, Chatwing has already operated on the freemium business model for chats. Its developers believed that people can get more out of free programs.

Most users of Chatwing are active bloggers. They saw the potential of Chatwing in their blogs. After embedding Chatwing, their blog’s visibility reached an immediate spike of about 80%. This happened within the first week of Chatwing usage. This simply means that visitors always love to talk to each other and perhaps communicate with the blogger. It also helped a lot for those blogs delving in sensational topics.

Many people are also interested in website chat. Through the Chatwing chat box, they can make new friends and learn new things. Bloggers who want to explore Chatwing can visit its homepage or Facebook page. The Chatwing blog is also updated every now and then.

About Chatwing has developed live chat software for websites and blogs. The website offers users the ability to signup and create a customizable live chat feature in 1 minute or less. Users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product. The ability to chat via social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter enable Chatwing to offer a personal and unique real-time experience to all sites. Chatwing is 100% free web software.

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Iddin is Random Chat

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Dates and date seekers are common in the cyberspace today. People seek dates because they want to have future love interests, or just for the fun of it. Others want to have new friends and acquaintances. Iddin’s live web chat is all about global connection. This application is a great help for those who spend a lot of time looking for dates.

Iddin Live is not just the average chat software. It specializes in privacy protection, so that chatters will feel more secured and protected. Iddin lets people chat randomly, and they are not coerced into giving their personal information such as email addresses and Facebook accounts. However, this is optional. Users can still upload their pictures and share their profile information.

Random chat has been around for quite some time already. However, many people underestimated its true nature. They believe that random chat does not foster new relationships. Contrary to popular belief, people can find new friends and love interests through random chat. This is the specialty of Iddin. Once a person chats without doubts of his privacy safety, he can connect to people easily. He can crack jokes over the chatroom and naturally find a date worth seeking.

Using Iddin is really easy. First, the user must determine which country the stranger will come from. He can also pick the USA option—the application will now search for strangers coming from US. If the stranger wants to chat online quickly, he can go for the ‘Anybody’ option. Now, Iddin will search for a stranger from different parts of the world. Iddin will connect the user to the first stranger that it can find.

Some people who used Iddin in its early release realized that the potential for global connectivity is high. A person who spends long hours in Iddin can find new connections with ease. If ever there are bugs, Iddin users can send email queries anytime.

About Iddin

Iddin is a free chat web application that specializes in generating random chat with strangers. Users can choose the locations of the strangers, or they can have the engine to search the whole world. Random chat is encouraged to protect the identity of people and also to empower spontaneous connection that is fun and interesting. Users can visit to discover its features.

IM chat, el chat, chats, chat online, web chat, chat web

Fun Chat Time with Iddin

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Chatting is one of the main ways on how to find a date. This is the reason why there are many chat applications created and chatrooms are sorted according to topics and basic interests. Iddin, a random web chat application, focuses on spontaneous chat while protecting the privacy of the user. Iddin also has an improved rate of connectivity compared to other applications specializing on random chat.

Iddin specializes on the niche of random chatting. Random chatting is considered spontaneous because the chatter can meet different people within a span of time. Through Iddin, a person can chat with any stranger from different parts of the world. Once the location has been configured, Iddin will connect the chatter in just few seconds.

Date finding is common in Iddin. Since it is a chatroom, many people are looking for new friends or love interests. It has also been proven that Iddin Live has a more challenging ground compared to other chat applications. Without personal information, the chatter has to carefully select his words, or the stranger may leave him. Become too rude and the chance will go to waste. Become too boring, and the stranger will look for other conversations to begin with. Iddin, basically, is IM chat with a twist.

Using Iddin is easier compared to other applications that require clients or programs to be downloaded. The user must select from three key options: specific country, anybody from the USA, or anybody. The ‘Anybody’ option renders the engine to search for a stranger from any part of the world. It will zero in to the next location that it can find.

Today, many people chat online with Iddin Live because of the thrill that it can bring. For more information, new users can always visit the Iddin website. In case of bugs, users can email the Iddin staff and their queries will be answered.

About Iddin

Iddin is a free web application that specializes in generating random chat with strangers. Users can choose the locations of the strangers, or they can have the engine to search the whole world. Random chat is encouraged to protect the identity of people and also to empower spontaneous connection that is fun and interesting. Users can visit to discover its features.

Quote startIt’s an honor to be recognized amongst such a skilled group of colleagues in the vibrant Sitecore community...Quote end

McLean, Virginia (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

NavigationArts’ Content Management Systems (CMS) Practice Director, Alan Gallauresi, has received Sitecore’s “2011 Most Valuable Professional Award”. The Sitecore MVP Award honors the most active Sitecore community members from around the world who provide online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience. Potential candidates are reviewed by an independent panel of Sitecore employees from technical, product marketing, documentation, and executive roles. NavigationArts’ Technology lead and Partner, Dustin Collis, was the firm’s first Sitecore MVP in 2010.

“It’s an honor to be recognized amongst such a skilled group of colleagues in the vibrant Sitecore community,” said Gallauresi. “I’m grateful to them, as well as to NavigationArts, whose passion for Sitecore has resulted in projects that extend the breadth of knowledge and skill across the entire team – the true recipient of this award.”

MVP Gallauresi has been active in the CMS and portal space for the past 12 years. He has worked on many notable projects at NavigationArts including two of this year’s Sitecore category winners; Mid-America Apartment Communities and PFC Energy. Gallauresi also led sophisticated Sitecore implementations for Breitbart, HealthSouth, and National Aquarium. Additionally, he guided the NavigationArts development team in earning all four Sitecore partner certifications. The MVP Award recognizes his work in the Sitecore developer community during 2011.

Gallauresi shared his Sitecore expertise in a published whitepaper entitled “Paywall Websites: A Sitecore CMS Solution,” which is available for download at: His second whitepaper focuses on ways in which to optimize Sitecore functionality and will be available this Spring.

MVPs are given exclusive technical resources, such as full access to the Sitecore Developer Network. Winners of this award also receive early access to Sitecore news, opportunities, and exclusive events, both locally and internationally.

About NavigationArts
NavigationArts is a full-service web consultancy specializing in web strategy, user experience design, and technology. We help our clients meet their business needs by optimizing their Web presence for communication, e-commerce, community building, and more. We help our clients solve challenging problems by bringing together highly experienced cross-functional teams drawn from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds. At NavigationArts, we believe that user experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage online. Our mission is to create online experiences that are most satisfying for our users and most valuable for our clients. For more information, go to

conversion pro v8

ConversionPro V8

Quote startAs a Magento Enterprise Partner, we are committed to continue our focus on advancing e-commerce solutions for Magento stores,” - Ofer Alt, Celebros CEO.Quote end

Teaneck, NJ (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Celebros Inc., the global industry leader of site search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers, and the first site-search partner for the e-commerce giant Magento, will be exhibiting at Magento’s imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference 2012 later this month in Las Vegas.

The three day international conference which has been dubbed as the "Super Bowl of E-Commerce" which takes place April 23 -25 at the M Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, provides Celebros with a unique opportunity to showcase its latest suite of Conversion Technologies to thousands of e-commerce retailers and Magento partners from the United States and around the world. Celebros is an event Silver Sponsor.

“As a Magento Enterprise Partner, we are committed to continue our focus on advancing e-commerce solutions for Magento stores,” said Ofer Alt, Celebros CEO. “We look forward to exhibiting our most powerful suite of conversion technologies, “ConversionPro V8”, at one of the most important e-commerce events in the world.”

Celebros and Magento, the global open source e-Commerce platform provider, formed a partnership last year to bring Celebros site search and merchandizing capabilities to the Magento Enterprise customer base. Celebros’ conversion technologies have already been integrated on numerous Magento based websites across the globe.     

Celebros continues to shake up the e-commerce industry’s "status quo" with its innovative conversion technologies, designed to be the ultimate solution for today’s online marketing professionals.
Celebros’ ConversionPro V8 goes beyond site search with a feature rich suite of 13 conversion enhancing tools, including Guided Navigation, Auto Complete, Dynamic Merchandizing, Multi Select, Virtual Categories, Gift Finder, Cross Sell and LiveSight Analytics, designed to increase revenue and conversion rates.

Visit Celebros at the 2012 imagine eCommerce Conference at the M Resort in Las Vegas. Experience the e-commerce revolution and find out how hundreds of Celebros customers are boosting their conversions by 300 – 800 percent.

About Magento
Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source e-Commerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Magento's intuitive administration interface features powerful marketing tools, a catalog-management engine and is SEO optimized to give merchants the power to create sites that provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers, tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento is the ultimate e-Commerce solution. For more information visit
About Celebros
Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in e-commerce conversion technologies, including site-search and merchandizing, for online retailers. Through its intelligent concept-based search, Celebros site-search understands a shopper’s intent and returns relevant and accurate results which translate into increased conversion rates and increased revenues for online stores. For more information, visit

Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

ProperHost (, a provider of web hosting and domain services, unveiled on Tuesday their new website with an updated visual profile and new Magento ecommerce hosting services.

"The new website features a new, modern look and improved navigation, providing a much improved shopping experience for new and returning customers. We have been working towards this for quite some time, and it is therefore with great excitement we can finally unveil the result of several months' effort", said Sindre Moe, Director of

In addition to the new website, the company has also introduced a new range of products; including dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and new Magento optimized hosting plans and value-added services. The company has specialized in web hosting optimized for the open-source ecommerce platform Magento, with focus on high performance hosting configurations.

"We have been involved in the Magento community since the early days of the product and seen how it has evolved from a promising, but immature product, to the leading eCommerce platform it has become today. Despite Magento being a great product, our experience shows that it needs optimized hosting to run smoothly. After years of tweaking and performance tuning we have gained valuable knowledge which we apply to current and future service offerings, ensuring our customers get the most out of their online store.", said Mr. Moe.

Magento-compatible configurations are now available together with dedicated servers and reseller hosting. In addition, a new Multi-Store plan has been introduced to accommodate the multiple web fronts feature in Magento, announces the company. Furthermore, a new affiliate program has been released, enabling members to earn money by referring new customers.

For more information about Magento, visit

About ProperHost
Since 2004, ProperHost has been providing professional web hosting services to individuals and businesses worldwide. The last 4 years, the company has established itself as a leading provider of hosting optimized for the Magento ecommerce platform, with focus primarily on performance-critical websites and scalable hosting solutions. The company provides dedicated servers, reseller and shared hosting, and domain registration services.

For more information about ProperHost, visit


John Alexander

John Alexander, Founder, Search Engine Academy

Quote startOur goal all along has been to teach SEO skills to people who want to learn in a supportive, and instruction-rich environment.Quote end

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

The Search Engine Academy, a global SEO training academy, celebrates their tenth anniversary this year. They have announced that for the remainder of 2012, tuition for all 5-day Master-level SEO workshops will be rolled back to 2002 rates, saving students nearly $500.

John Alexander, Founder of the Search Engine Academy, said, “We are excited to be bringing back pricing from ten years ago so students can continue to learn how to get their businesses listed on the search engines.”

Students who sign up for the 5-day workshop receive hands-on instruction from trained instructors who work with the participants on their own website in the classroom. Each registrant also receives six months of mentoring from their instructors after the class is over.

Alexander said, "Our goal all along has been to teach SEO skills to people who want to learn in a supportive and instruction-rich environment.”

The regular tuition rate for a 5-day hands-on workshop has been reduced from $2495 to $1997 for the remainder of 2012.

Students are encouraged to bring a wireless-enabled laptop to the class so they can work on their own websites and get feedback from the instructors during the course of the week.

The types of businesses who have attended the workshops include corporate employees, web designers, business owners, retailers, online marketers and many others.

The Search Engine Academy workshop participants are eligible to receive up to 2.0 college-level continuing education units (CEUs) for completing the course and the exam at the end of the week.

Employers or individuals interested in attending an SEO workshop can register online at For more information contact them through their website or calling 905-716-4472.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

The votes have been tallied for the first annual Blue Drop Awards and the team of volunteers is proud to announce 2012 winners across nine categories. With over 200 website nominations, the community has voted and selected innovative, progressive and dynamic sites.

The winner of the 2012 Drupal Website of the Year is, developed by Unleashed Technologies, LLC of Columbia, MD.

Eyemaginations, Inc. is an industry leader in creating interactive media solutions that explain complex medical subject matters to patients. Unleashed Technologies, a full-service Drupal web development firm, created a website with enterprise CMS capabilities, easily accessible in-depth information and a robust selection of media that displays Eyemaginations’ products and capabilities.

“Congratulations to our 2012 Drupal Website of the Year Winners, and Unleashed Technologies, and all the category winners. We salute your innovation!” said Ben Finklea, CEO, Volacci and Blue Drop Awards organizer. “The Blue Drop Awards were created as a community-driven, grassroots initiative that recognizes the stellar development work in Drupal. This inaugural event has been a great success and we are excited to see the community excel.”

“Unleashed Technologies is tremendously honored to be recognized for the 2012 Drupal Website of the Year in the inaugural Blue Drop Awards,” said Michael Spinosa, CEO, Unleashed Technologies. “The Awards are a great way to recognize the excellent work being done in the Drupal community, of which we are proud to be a member.”

Websites were voted as Blue Drop Award-winners across nine categories. The 2012 results are as follows:

In the category for Best Enterprise Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Phase2 Technology, New York, NY
  •     Second Place:, developed by Sitback, Sydney, Australia
  •     Third Place:, developed by Happiness, Stockholm, Sweden

In the category for Best Business Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Unleashed Technologies, Columbia, MD
  •     Second Place (TIE):, developed by Javali, Open Source Systems, Caparica, Portugal
  •     Second Place (TIE):, developed by Zivtech, Philadelphia, PA

In the category for Best Marketplace Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Lullabot, Providence, RI
  •     Second Place:, developed by Jackson River, Washington, DC
  •     Third Place:, developed by Deeson Online, Canterbury, U.K.
In the category for Best Social Website Built with Drupal:
  •     First Place:, Irving, TX
  •     Second Place:, developed by Livelink New Media, Manchester, U.K.
  •     Third Place:, developed by KWALL, Scottsdale, AZ

In the category for Best Non-Profit/Education Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Unleashed Technologies, Columbia, MD
  •     Second Place:, developed by Lullabot, Providence, RI
  •     Third Place:, developed by Phase2 Technology, New York, NY

In the category for Best Media Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Lullabot, Providence, RI
  •     Second Place:, developed by Phase2 Technology, New York, NY
  •     Third Place:, developed by Zivtech, Philadelphia, PA

In the category for Best Personal Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place:, developed by Amazee Labs, Zurich, Switzerland
  •     Second Place:, Brooklyn, New York
  •     Third Place:, developed by ETELJE, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the category for Best Interesting Website Built with Drupal:

  •     First Place (TIE):, developed by Foster Interactive Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  •     First Place (TIE):, developed by Gorton Studios, Eagan, MN
  •     Third Place:, developed by Amazee Labs, Zurich, Switzerland

Representing more than 630,000 contributors and developers, Drupal is the largest, most active open-source technology community in the world. The Blue Drop Awards were created to promote Drupal to the greater technology community and to recognize innovative, next-generation websites and the companies that built them. With thousands of sites leveraging Drupal, the new awards program was designed to be the first democratic, voter-driven recognition program for Drupal members.

“The Drupal community is always innovating and pushing the envelope of web development. With the Blue Drop Awards we were able to celebrate some of that innovation,” said Ron Huber, president, Achieve Internet. “The Blue Drop Awards also allow the Drupal community to showcase the best-of-Drupal to the rest of the world.”

The inaugural Blue Drop Awards were sponsored by veteran Drupal community members, including Volacci, Lingotek, Standing Cloud, Synaptic Blue, Build a Module, ImageX Media, Achieve Internet, Blink Reaction, Gorton Studios, Mediacurrent and Phase2 Technology.

To see the winning projects and check out the other nominated websites please visit

For more information on how to volunteer or participate as a sponsor next year, please contact Ben Finklea, CEO, Volacci at (512) 632-4222 or Ben (at) Volacci (dot) com

Making Money Online and Running Online Businesses

Discuss the purchase or sale of a website

Quote startOur forum is the single largest source of unbiased information on buying and selling online businesses.Quote end

Southgate, London (PRWEB) April 11, 2012 is merging with the business forum, consolidating its position as the premier one-stop shop for entrepreneurs wishing to discuss – and learn about – buying and selling online businesses.

The non-profit forum at is where buyers, sellers, brokers, and other professionals congregate to exchange ideas, share knowledge of current industry practices, and make business contacts. The only other comparable location of note was at, a community focused upon flipping (purchase—improvement—resale) of online businesses. In April 2012, the two forums will merge at to create a unified resource for entrepreneurs seeking to sell their businesses, for investors looking to make acquisitions, and for business professionals to learn about opportunities in buying, selling, and improving websites, blogs and other online properties.

Clinton Lee, owner of the forum, explains: “When we started as a non-profit forum a little over two years ago, it quickly became the single largest concentration of professionals on website purchasing, sales, and improvement. Our members cover the whole world and the whole gamut of online business expertise.

“Our competitors either shut down or gradually faded away. remained the only other discerning forum with intelligent discourse built around this subject. This content and community is now being merged into, adding to our already significant body of knowledge.”

Lee points out that Internet businesses continue to prosper despite the current bleak global economic climate. Business owners and experienced investors are aware that established online businesses have great value, are resilient enough to survive when local brick and mortar business cannot, and maintain consistent profitability better than offline stores. They also recognize that acquisition of an online business is one of the quickest routes to growth. As a result, interest in buying online businesses is increasing exponentially. Astute owners of high-traffic websites are cashing in on the demand and selling their websites, blogs, mailing lists, apps and other online assets, while even more are entering new markets to expand their reach and capture market share. helps them keep abreast of latest developments with their fellow industry leaders.

But what of the less astute newcomers? “They need look no further than,” says Lee. “Everything the online entrepreneur needs to expand their knowledge is now under one roof, at one web location, for an international audience. This will be of enormous benefit to the industry and all its players.

“And, best of all, it's free to the end user – free to join, and free from advertising and sponsorship. We believe it's the only way to be absolutely sure of unbiased integrity in all our online discussions.”


The non-profit forums at are the single, primary resource for discussion of building, purchase, and sales of online business. It is a spin off from the original information only online business site. Run by volunteers, the site helps entrepreneurs seeking to sell their businesses, investors looking to make acquisitions, business professionals expanding their operations, and those seeking help in understanding available opportunities to make money online. Access to information and astute discussion between experienced businesspeople across global industries is free to registered members, with no charges for premium content. The discussion forums do not even display advertising, so as not to bias discussion and opinion.

Some of the main subjects of discussion at

  • How to find potential online businesses for acquisition
  • Conducting due diligence on websites prior to purchase
  • Valuation of various websites, including ecommerce sites and blogs
  • The main marketplaces, and how best to use them
  • Contracts and legal concerns for both buyers and sellers
  • The best ways to effectively buy or sell an online business
  • Monetization methods, how websites make money, various online business models
  • Completing transactions safely, including transfer of virtual property and intellectual property rights was founded in January 2010 and is the premier online community for discussion on buying and selling online businesses.


IM chat, el chat, chats, web chat, chat online, chatt

Iddin for Everyone

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Random web chat has been one of the interesting pastimes of chatters today. In a random chat, strangers can create new identities; they are not forced to give their personal information, which is considered a risky move in the cyberspace. The developers of Iddin understand this specific need for privacy. That is why they upgraded the global connectivity level of Iddin.

Iddin’s latest release features an improved global chat function. Now, the user can select from three connectivity options: specific country, anybody from the USA, or anybody. The ‘Anybody’ option is the largest scale of search because the application searches for a stranger in different parts of the world. Everyday, it has been estimated that Iddin has over one hundred thousand online users. This makes Iddin a powerful application with simultaneous random chats occurring.

Iddin users can still give their personal information to strangers, but it is their call. This move is not encouraged by Iddin. However, users still have the option to upload their pictures. According to statistics, Iddin chatters with uploaded pictures have higher tendencies to make new friends. Some chatters also referred to Iddin as an online speed dating application, minus the subscription fees. This applies well to people who spend a lot of time doing IM chat.

Any topic can also be talked about in the Iddin chatroom. Famous topics are trends, fashion, PC games, technology, relationships, sex, and humor. In case bugs or glitches appear, users can send email queries to the Iddin staff. New users can visit the Iddin website to learn more about its specific features.

About Iddin

Iddin is a free web application that specializes in generating random chat with strangers. Users can choose the locations of the strangers, or they can have the engine to search the whole world. Random chat is encouraged to protect the identity of people and also to empower spontaneous connection that is fun and interesting. Users can visit to discover its features.

ISX Cloud IAM Service

Quote startOur new IAM Cloud Continuous Monitoring solution allows us to bring a new dimension of service and value to our customers.Quote end

Merrillville, IN (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

IdentityLogix, an innovator in continuous security intelligence and real-time data actualization, announces a strategic partnership with Atlanta-based Information Security Xperts, Inc. (ISX).

ISX has selected SpyLogix Enterprise™ technology for its Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) offerings. ISX specializes in identity and access solutions based on CA Technologies software.

The partnership will enable customers to efficiently manage support costs, quickly access expertise, bring web applications online faster and improve responsiveness when upward or downward scalability as needed.

ISX Cloud IAM Service powered by IdentityLogix’s SpyLogix Enterprise provides security intelligence through:

  •     Continuous native access to SiteMinder policy, performance and activity (events)
  •     Advanced messaging architecture to stream or route data to the cloud
  •     Automatic data management for efficient SiteMinder data storage
  •     Real-time data actualization services for effective data analysis and use in the cloud

These advanced SpyLogix Enterprise features simplify management and control of CA SiteMinder. ISX embodies these continuous situational awareness, enhanced visibility and
real-time data analysis features within its Cloud IAM service.

“ISX with their team of expert consultants have developed a comprehensive IAM cloud service based on SpyLogix Enterprise and CA SiteMinder technologies to better assist clients in improving security, web application uptime and people resource management,” said Michael Hrobat, vice president sales and marekting at IdentityLogix. “This cloud service can reduce operational costs and enhance an organization’s ability to respond rapidly to issues within SiteMinder and Identity Manger environments.”

“As, CA Technologies' premier North American partner focused on the sales and services of the CA Security Suite of products, we work on some of the most complex environments for CA Identity Manager and CA SiteMinder,” said Ed Pascua. Senior Vice President at ISX. “ISX’s partnership with IdentityLogix, and our new IAM Cloud Continuous Monitoring Solution allows us to bring a new dimension of service and value to our customers.”.

ISX has deep experience and years of “real-life” experiences with mid and large entities, which it has used to develop a powerful and comprehensive IAM cloud service. This cloud service simplifies complexities when using CA IAM software.

The seamless addition of SpyLogix Enterprise completes this solution by providing continuous visibility and situational awareness into the IAM environment providing critical information for operational efficiency, effective trouble shooting, performance monitoring and change management, as well as, providing detailed reporting for compliance and governance activities.

About IdentityLogix

IdentityLogix is an innovative software company offering products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of people, process and technologies that secure business information. It’s SpyLogix™ Enterprise software is state-of-the-art security middleware, which allows for continuous monitoring and comprehensive automated real-time visibility of enterprise digital assets across IT infrastructures users, networks, identity systems, applications, mainframe systems and cloud services. Corporate and government entities utilize SpyLogix to be proactive for enterprise situational awareness, data analysis and real-time actualization to support issue resolution. They benefit from increased IT staff productivity, stream-lined audit support, enhanced overall security and improved governance, risk and compliance posture.

For more information please visit

About Information Security Experts

Information Security Xperts, Inc. (ISX) is an IT security consulting firm specializing in complex, enterprise-class deployments of Identity and Access Management solutions. Our many years of deep experience of designing, architecting, implementing, and "rescuing" implementations gone awry positions us well to serve as a trusted security advisor to key Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations. Our clients call us when they have pressing security concerns—from setting strategic direction to executing operational change across the enterprise. They look to us for straightforward, experienced advice that balances governance, business requirements, and technology investment. Our focus on our clients permeates every aspect of our operation, building on the foundation of our strong quality-management discipline. We leverage this discipline to manage and deliver project engagements to timely and successful completion. Throughout the engagement we actively measure the impact of our work on the client’s business operations, and our cycle of continuous improvement extends economic benefits beyond the discrete project. By collecting, measuring, and deploying to cross-functional stakeholder specifications, we ensure a streamlined project and client satisfaction.

Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-On, Cloud Security, Risk and Compliance

For more information please visit

IdentityLogix and SpyLogix are either registered trademarks or trademarks of IdentityLogix in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks or trade names are property of the respective holder.

Spearfishing Folks Love too!

Ling Cod Taken By Spearfishing - Nothing but teeth!

Quote startWe are relatively new in the market, but we are not going to play the ‘catch-up’ game, we plan to lead in technology and utility for out members and are here for the long haulQuote end

(PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Recognizing that the world is rapidly moving to an all smart-phone environment, has poised itself for the future with its new I-phone app. Now, the members at can take that photo while still fishing and post it to the site or boast to their friends and fellow members in the forums right on the spot when they catch that big fish. CEO Garry Cooper states, “We are relatively new in the market, but we are not going to play the ‘catch-up’ game, we plan to lead in technology and utility for out members and are here for the long haul”. has also added a new forums platform that includes every feature now available in any modern forum platform along with social network features rarely found on fishing websites. The site has added a ‘reviews’ feature that will allow its users to grade various fishing products easily, further enhancing the value of the site to its members. The photo and media portion of the site has also been enhanced to allow more utility, easier management, and higher resolution of its content.

Although only launched at the first of the year, has already gained widespread acceptance as a site made for the fishing community, by real fishermen and women. Its article content has been consistently ranking on page one of Google. Cooper says his firm’s spring fishing season marketing plan is just kicking in and he plans to grow the site’s membership by thousands in the next few months. The site is free to join and easy to use and plans are place to implement ‘fantasy fishing tournaments’ into the mix to add more value, utility, and entertainment into the site.

CEO Cooper wants to invite all in the fishing world to come visit the site and rub shoulders with our fellow fishermen and women. He also encourages feedback and communication with management as he states “We want to be our member’s site, not ours. When our members talk, we listen. They wanted phone apps and better forums and here they are!” Cooper says they are now working on an android app, which should be out soon, along with some other useful features that will greatly enhance the site. If you aren’t already a member, you can visit the site at - the International private label dating platform and affiliate network.

Quote startWith the Dating Factory
system, you’re sending your traffic to your own website, not one of oursQuote end

Altanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

“Dating Factory makes it quick and easy for any company or individual to create and run an online dating site, complete with active profiles that can be filtered to specific interest groups,” explains Moreno Aguiari, head of operations for Dating Factory’s U.S. expansion. “This is an advanced platform that is already tested and proven to make money. Our job now is to show the American market what this incredible white label dating website system can mean for their revenue in 2012.”
According to Tanya Fathers, CEO and co-founder of Dating Factory, the time was right to expand into the US market. “Dating Factory is well known in Europe, but we’re aggressively growing in North America,” says Fathers. “The United States represents the largest single market in the world, so we’re excited to have put together such a fantastic team to represent us in America.”
The Dating Factory white label platform allows companies and online entrepreneurs to create their own online dating websites, with the option to include ads for additional revenue. Dating Factory sites can be targeted at U.S. consumers or other markets around the world, with 15 languages available. Partners use their own domain names, meaning they maintain control over their brand and their marketing efforts.
“This isn’t an affiliate program, this is a chance to build and run your own dating site with your own brand,” explains Aguiari. “With an affiliate program, you send all your traffic to someone else, and what happens then is out of your control. With the Dating Factory system, you’re sending your traffic to your own website, not one of ours. We supply the engine and profiles that makes your site work.”
For more information on Dating Factory’s white label system, please visit

Softaculous AMPPS

Softaculous AMPPS

Quote startThe update feature is unique as it will enable the AMPPS user to get the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin, etc as and when they are available.Quote end

(PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of AMPPS Installer that simplifies Application deployment on various Desktop and Servers, today announced the launch of AMPPS 1.7 with the updated version of Softaculous, MySQL, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin and an Automatic Update feature which can be used to update the software as and when a new update is available.

"We are extremely excited about the one click update feature for AMPPS which will help users to get the updates easily" said Ketan Shah, Senior Developer of AMPPS" and we are also soon going to add some of the coolest new features. The update feature is unique as it will enable the AMPPS user to get the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin, etc as and when they are available."

To address the needs of different Enterprises, SMB's, Web Developers and users, Softaculous AMPPS is available as a Free product which can be installed on Microsoft Windows Desktop, Servers & Mac. AMPPS has 260 Apps to serve the needs of different users.

The Softaculous AMPPS library already contains popular applications, including: WordPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Moodle, Claroline, etc.

Softaculous apps are also available in the form of Virtual Appliances. The Virtual Appliances (called Webuzo) contain all the necessary server software required to power the various Apps. Webuzo is a LAMP stack with Softaculous installed on a CentOS Machine. Webuzo can help any user deploy Web Apps on their Desktops or in the Office. "You can deploy so many E-Commerce related apps with the help of Webuzo e.g. a user may want to deploy Magento or WHMCS for internal documentation and Webuzo can help you do that without you having to install any server software." said Brijesh Kothari, a developer at Softaculous. Webuzo can also be deployed in the Cloud which helps users to access their apps from anywhere.
Webuzo was announced in mid June of 2011.

About Softaculous :
Softaculous was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping users to deploy apps by the click of a button. Softaculous is already being offered by leading Data Center’s and Web hosting companies around the world.
It is very easy to find, deploy, manage, backup applications using Softaculous, AMPPS and Webuzo.
Softaculous Ltd. also develops Virtualizor which is a VPS Control Panel supporting OpenVZ, Xen, KVM.

For more information, visit's new user interface

Quote start“We’ve taken the time to predict the needs of our customers through their search and purchase habits. Our vision is to really focus on those needs and offer a more streamlined navigation through our site..."
-Rachael Wiley-Steffen, ZurnQuote end

Erie, Penna. (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Widely recognized as having the largest selection of engineered plumbing products in the world, Zurn Industries, LLC has just made their line even more accessible with the launch of a fully redesigned website. The new has evolved from a sales tool to an information hub that displays paired performance or “bundled product packages,” creating a total building solution to fit the needs of each customer segment.

The new features an improved look and feel, designed with the customer in mind. A user-friendly experience guides customers through the extensive line of Zurn products and packages, delivering solutions to meet the customer’s end goal. Its unique, dual-browsing design enables a contractor to search by product type for a specific retrofit project, or allows an architect to search total building solutions for a large-scale facility design.

“We designed by vertical market, making the presentation of our industry-specific products and the overall site more user-friendly,” says Rachael Wiley-Steffen, Director of Brand Marketing for Zurn Industries. “This allows our customers to easily navigate and understand the breadth of our products and their applications.”

Through the product bundling strategy, Zurn is able to increase its value for customers who can now conveniently organize their specifications for either a single Zurn package or a total building solutions package from a single source.

In addition, a robust search function allows users to quickly find what they need by entering key words or part numbers. Individual product pages boast additional features, such as BIM/3D models, related case studies, news releases, and informational videos offering a deeper look at each product. Users will also be pleased to find an expanded “What’s New” area, a section dedicated to promoting Zurn’s mission of sustainability, and a global sales representative location tool. Included in the design is an enhanced “Tools & Resources” page delivering access to a broader BIM/3D library, technical product knowledge, AIA Continuing Education and more. Zurn is continuing to invest in additional value-added features with further functionality, offering an even richer user experience throughout the life of the site.

“We’ve taken the time to predict the needs of our customers through their search and purchase habits,” says Wiley-Steffen. “Our vision is to really focus on those needs and offer a more streamlined navigation through our site and an improved overall experience with Zurn.”

About Zurn Industries
Zurn Industries, LLC is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Zurn manufactures the largest breadth of engineered water solutions in the industry, including a wide spectrum of sustainable plumbing products. Zurn delivers total building solutions for new construction and retrofit applications that enhance any building’s environment. For more information, visit


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