How will Impact IoT in Education Sector?

Do you think that the contemporary school settings are similar to the traditional one? The answer is a big no. Now, when you walk into a kindergarten, it is common to find various students who have their own mobile phones. Majority of these devices are connected to the Internet of Things.

Top 5 ways businesses can generate insights from IoT data

With over 3.1 billion IoT devices being used in businesses across the globe, IoT is shaping the way we do business. It has been projected that the number of IoT devices in use can exceed 75 billion by 2025 for data generation and analysis.

How can Blockchain & IoT development secure our personal data?

The technology has not just intruded our personal space and time, it has actually made our every movement and thought prone to public scrutiny. There is nothing left, that can be termed as personal or private data. The third-party organizations are constantly monitoring, storing and using our personal data, behavioral patterns, preferences, and activities. In fact, many business models rely on the collection, organization, and resale of our personal data. Even if one removes his browsing history, delete the social media accounts etc, the technology can track the person. The facial and fingerprint recognition based technology solutions are being used extensively in commerce and security domains.

Logistic apps will experience IoT first

The concept of the Internet of things was coined way back with the demonstration of an oven connected to the internet and now the concept has been revised with the evolution of computing to connect every device through the apps in our Smartphones.

How will Java change the game in IoT app development

Java is a robust platform to help developers handle bulk data streams while managing IoT and modern-day sensor technologies. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the biggest advantages that Java has in store for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

Top 7 things to expect in IoT during 2018

IoT is already a blockbuster affair, with more and more businesses investing in it heavily. The IoT and IIoT industry more than doubled in terms of size and investment this year and, considering the flow rate of growth in this sector, 2018 looks like all set to experience and witness a mass transformation and growth.

How small-business owners can use IoT

IoT is the buzzword today. By 2020, we’ll be having over 24mn connected devices. The impulse of this connection is already making an impact the world over, and has drastically transformed the way we live, work, and communicate.