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EZA!! so, I do not even write one review a year on news sites but I am a little bit obsessed with hardware in laptops and smartphones. (basically portable tech devices) I am something of a fan of LG and am eagerly awaiting the G4 Pro, also the Note 5. But I have to say man I have read probably dozens of articles on the G4 alone and hundreds of articles on other rumored up comers, and for the most part I think that they all sound alike, they are all a boring read, and I usually wish I had spent my 10 mins doing something else. But your post headline text caught my eye and I read your article with a good bit of enthusiasm. Man this is one of the finest articles I have read about a phone ever. It was so fresh and genuine. I decided after the 3rd paragraph to write to you. Great job man! you have a gift and are a shade bearing fruit tree in an otherwise uninspired landscape of lack luster and sultry rumor repeaters. Here's a high five from me to you. And NO I have not been drinking any more than usual.

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