Fix Windows 10 stuck issue with system image backup

Windows 10 stuck issue occurs when we try to reset our PC via an option located in the Settings app. This feature is particularly useful when our PC experiences severe issues since this option enables us to reset our system completely. Windows 10 gets stuck at “Resetting your PC” screen for a lot of people. Your PC will be stuck at a certain percentage and will remain there indefinitely. It can be stuck at any percentage process. Most commonly, PCs hover around 8%, 66% or at the dreaded 99%.

System Service Exception BSOD Windows 10

This article targets the system service exception error and has provided some effective solutions to help you fix this Blue Screen of Death issue on Windows 10. It mainy tell you to update the graphics card driver, use System File Checker and other ways in order to solve this BSOD issue named as system service exception stop error.

Fix Logitech speaker not working Windows 10

This article would introduce some useful and feasible ways to you to fix the Logitech Speaker not working error on Windows 10. It mainly includs telling you how to check the speaker hardware, update logitech speaker driver and set the speaker as default.

Fix Network Adapter Error Code 31 on Windows 10

If you come across the device manager error code 31:The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device, this post would help you fix it quickly and effectively. For example, try to update the network adapter driver can in a large sense solve this problem.

Desktop icons missing on windows 10

Have your Desktop icons disappeared on Windows 10? This article would introduce some effective ways to help you get the missing Desktop icons back to the PC. They are mainly turning on option Show Desktop icons from the Desktop, disabling tablet mode, and building icon cache. there is aways a way suitable for you to solve this icon problem.

Fix scanner not working on Windows 10

Scanner is a normal officice hardware. But sometimes, after upgrading the system from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10, the scanner cannot work properly. You can view the next 4 ways to fix it.

3 ways to fix Touchpad not working on Windows 10

TouchPad is an important device for a laptop. It can make many things easy and replace a mouse. So if your TouchPad out of work on Windows 10, you can view this article to solve it.

4 Ways to Fix Mouse Not Working on Windows 10

Mouse is a basic hardware for a computer. But sometimes you will find your mouse cannot work when you move the cursor or click the left and right button. Here are solutions.

Fix Blue Screen of Death on Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death is a common problem when you running Windows 10, 8, 7. This error may occurs on the startup, running application or any other condition.

12 Basic "Mobo" Parts

In the Philippines, an assessment is available to test skills in Computer Hardware Servicing - the NCII exam. "The COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC II Qualification consists of competencies that must possess to enable to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in personal computer systems, software, replace parts and get the system back to normal operation." (