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How to change display settings on Windows 10

This article can helps you to setup the screen resolution on windows 10, and also you can get some of the display settings on windows 10.

Right display settings, such as Screen Resolution on Windows 10 can better display pictures and words. And for most PCs, they usually have their own default scaling settings and colors.

You may hope to use the default display settings as it is designed for the system, while in some situations, you need to change the screen resolution .

Here in this article, you can get the way on how to change various Display settings in Windows 10, such as the Screen Resolution, Color calibration, ClearType Text, Display Adapter, Text sizing It is extremely foolproof to adjust screen resolution for your PC.

To Change Screen Resolution:

1. Right click the mouse on the Desktop to open the Display settings.


If your right click is not working , you can go to Windows settings > System > Display.

2. Under Display, locate Advanced display settings.


3. In Advanced display settings, change the screen resolution as you like.

Usually, it will recommend one for you, if you have no idea what screen resolution is better for your PC, you can decide to use the recommended display resolution on Windows 10.

Here in Display, apart from Screen Resolution, considerable other display settings are open for you, such as Color Calibration, Sizing of Text and Display Adapter. If not proper, you PC freezing will come up as well.

To change Scale and layout:

It is to change the size of text, apps, and other items. Here you can choose to set it as 100%,125%,150%,175%.

Or simply select the recommended one 100%. But on your PC, you can find all the display settings are different from this PC.

Just choose the one suiting your computer.


To use Night Light:

After Windows 10 Creators Update, you will find added blue light on your PC has been lowered. So there is much need for you to use this Night Light provided by Microsoft Windows.

Under Display in Windows System settings, you can use a slider to turn on Night Light switch or you can go directly to Night Light settings to change it depending on your case. Here you are able to Turn on now, adjust it for the Color temperature at night.


Choose the Best Display Mode:

1. Under Display, scroll down to find out Display adapter properties.

2. In Display adapter properties, under adapter, click List All Modes. Then you are qualified to choose a mode for your display adapter on Windows 10, then hit Apply and OK to take effect.

In a word, display settings are vital for Windows users, no matter it is the Screen Resolution or Night Light, or Display adapter mode, or the text size, you must learn to choose one which can facilitate the use of Windows 10. If you would like to open screen keyboard is also accessible if you have changed the right display settings.

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