Methods to Fix Grub Loading Error

GRUB stands for Grand Unified Bootloader, which is called by the system BIOS to load the kernels and display the boot menu for users to choose from. It's similar to NTLDR or Bootmgr for Windows, but supports both Windows and Linux kernels, and comes with more features. However, if you have not properly configured Grub, you will encounter GRUB errors like the ones described in the post.

Can Your Computer Run Metro Exodus?

Holders of computers PCs can now browse the Metro Exodus - hardware requirements . The developers gave four configurations, from the minimum to the extreme, which will allow firing the game in 4K / 60fps quality. We don't need a very powerful computer just to start the game. All you need is an Intel Core i5-4440 processor and a GeForce GTX 670/1050 card. Of course, then we will play with low graphics settings at 1080p resolution and 30 frames of animation per second. To run Metro Exodus - the hardware requirements in the minimal configuration are really affordable.

What's the Point of a Wireless Hard Drive, and Why Do You Need One?

Drives with access to a WLAN are an excellent data store for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. They provide plenty of space, yet they are slim and light. Rechargeable battery and wireless data transmission make them perform well as mobile equipment. Unlike conventional external drives, wireless models have three advantages that make these devices aspire to the title of a great complement to our portable, digital companions.

MEMZ Trojan: What is It and How It Affects Windows PC?

There is probably a generic Trojan infection on your system if your anti-virus application detects something called Memz Trojan Virus. Seriously trojan contamination, as it is quite dangerous. If not removed, Trojans can take information, open Backdoor for other viruses to enter, and lead to severe ransomware infection.

Laptops vs. desktops: Which One to Choose

For an uninformed user, finding himself in the jungle of rich producers' offers can be a big challenge and you have to spend a lot of time on it. Therefore, in the article we discuss the issues that should be noted when buying a new laptop and we show the differences between laptops and desktops that meets the expectations.

How to Convert FLV to MP3 with Ease

You can change your voice by distorting its key and adding special effects through various programs. They all have their pros and cons. Voice copying programs have already appeared, with which the user can speak the voice of his friend or any particular person. The program analyzes the input data of the recorded voice and automatically adjusts any voice based on the received data. The accuracy of voice copying by the program exceeds all expectations of its users. Progress does not stand still in the case of gloss distortions, we have several leading programs, including on Android.

Tips to Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

To provide a basic definition of ransomware, it is important to pay attention to what the malicious program wants to achieve and what the cyber criminals distributing it have. The malicious program encrypts user data so that it cannot access its files. Often, encrypted file types include important business information or personal data that can damage your reputation or threaten compliance.

How to Convert WebM to Any Format & Vice Versa Online and Free

Regardless of which option you have chosen — to convert GIF to WebM or vice versa — all you need to do now can be finished online and for free. This post summarizes the best WebM converters for your reference, including MiniTool software designed for Windows users.

Choosing the Right Hard Disk Drive

The hard disk plays a very important role in the computer. After all, it must contain many documents, photos, music, movies - everything that accumulates in folders over the years of using the equipment. Whether you're using a desktop or laptop, you'll need to equip it with adequate memory resources. But what hard drive will be suitable? Check what to look for when choosing.

Reinstall Windows with Dell OS Recovery Tool

Operating system installation once required relatively professional knowledge. Today it is an easy process, at least when it comes to Microsoft's new system. It is true that most of you should still use the installation mechanisms attached to the computers and which are described in their operating instructions. For Dell computer users, sometimes they need to use the Dell OS Recovery Tool to reinstall the system on your Dell PC due to a system crash, hard drive replacement, etc.

How to Fix Error Code 22: This Device Is Disabled

Code 22 error is one of many Device Manager error codes. It is generated when a hardware device is turned off in Device Manager. When you are bothered by this issue, you can’t use the hardware as normal. And this post will help you solve this issue.

How Do I Format My C Drive on Windows 10

When a virus or malware infects your computer, it is sometimes just better to format the hard drive and start over. Formatting a hard drive is also beneficial when using one from an old computer for backup and storage. Formatting disk "C" removes all information from the hard disk. Because most people install the operating system on drive "C", this will remove the operating system and require a clean installation.

How to Fix Computer Keeps Crashing

Are you troubled by computer crash? Many laptop owners are struggling with this type of problem. In many cases, they are not caused by various types of failures or equipment imperfections. We often lead to this situation. So before we set off with our new computer to the store demanding recognition of the warranty, let's think about whether you can do something that will restore its former efficiency.

Disable or Stop Auto CHKDSK During Windows Startup

There are some situations where your PC needs to run a check disk at startup or reboot. For instance, if you run the chkdsk command on a system drive that is being used to run the Windows OS, it will schedule a disk check to run at the next reboot. Windows might also force an automatic disk check when your computer shuts down unexpectedly.

How to Fix Dllhost.exe Application Error

Dllhost.exe is a legitimate process that belongs to the Microsoft Windows operating system. This executable process is known as COM deputy which manages DLL based applications. In addition, it works to control processes in Internet Information Services (IIS), load .NET runtime and do other activities. In this post, I will walk you through on how to fix the application error.

Fix Windows 10 Repeated Crashes Due to Netwtw06.sys Failure

Such an incident mainly turns up when the operating system somehow receives corrupted or incompatible versions of Wireless network card device drivers for Intel. However, let’s move straightway to the simple methods that perhaps Fix netwtw06.sys Blue Screen Error Windows 10.

To Solve Microsoft Management Console Has Stopped Working

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) represented by the mmc.exe process supports administrative snap - ins for Windows. If one of the affected snap-ins, such as Device Manager, Group Policy Editor, Disk Management etc. fails, it is quite possible that MMC is responsible.

Wanna Convert YouTube Video to OGG? There Are All Ways!

Wanna listen to music in game without YouTube in the back but the ones you find don’t convert due to copyright? Or you want to enjoy YouTube music without network? The quickest way to solve this problem is to download music from YouTube. But if you wish to convert YouTube to OGG, try YouTube to OGG converters instead.