Guide to Extract Files from Old Hard Drive

How to get data off an old hard drive? This is a common topic. In this post, I will show you different situations, as well as the corresponding methods to get files from the old disk. Just try one based on your needs to extract files from hard drive.

Download Seagate Back Up Software for Backing Up Hard Drive

Are you looking for Seagate backup software to back up your important files for data protection? This post will walk you through 3 backup tools – Seagate Dashboard, Seagate Toolkit, and a third-party backup software, MiniTool ShadowMaker. Read this post to learn some details.

Fix the inaccessible Boot Device Error in Windows 10 by yourself

One of the most common errors experienced by Windows 10 users is the Inaccessible Boot Device error. It is a typical “blue screen of death” (BSOD) error with the code 0x0000007b, which frequently shows up during Windows startup and happens after a Windows 10 upgrade, Windows 10 anniversary update or Windows 10 reset. What causes the Windows inaccessible boot device issue and how to fix it properly? You can find answers from the following content.

Want to Transfer Data from your old PC to the new one?

You may want to transfer files from PC to PC if you buy a new computer since the old computer doesn’t run well. How can you easily transfer files from the old computer to the new one? Take it easy now! This post will give you five effective methods for the computer to computer transfer.

Fix Pen Drive Data Not Showing with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This post focuses on free pen drive data recovery solution. It provides an easy 3-step guide to help you recover data and files from pen drive for free. Corrupted, formatted, not recognized pen drive and other storage devices are supported. Fix pen drive data not showing and recover data all at once.

See how much you know about RAID 5 Data Recovery

RAID 5 is a common RAID setup used frequently in small businesses and other organizations. Like other storage devices, RAID 5 could be corrupted due to different reasons. Once a RAID 5 crashes, data saved there will be put in danger. Now, I will show you how to perform RAID 5 data recovery easily and quickly. Then, tips on how to rebuild a RAID 5 will be given to you.

Error 0x80070005 When Upgrading Windows Apps

When you update an app in Windows 10 Store, install Windows updates or restore a system with a restore point, an error code – 0x80070005 may appear on your computer. How to fix this issue? Here, this post will show you possible solutions indifferent cases. Besides, a good way to protect your PC is introduced.

Best Acronis True Image alternative for Windows 10 - MiniTool

Some of you may have used Acronis True Image to clone a disk to SSD for better performance, disk upgrade, backup, etc. Now, an alternative to Acronis clone – MiniTool ShadowMaker can also help you. I will show you some related information on disk cloning software and how to clone a hard disk.

How to Fix Windows Explorer Needs To Be Restarted Issue

Windows Explorer (or File Explorer) is a file management program providing a graphical user interface for accessing your file systems. Windows Explorer used frequently when you access data, copy files, or do other things. Sometimes, you may find system prompts your Windows Explorer needs to be restarted. How to fix and remove this error?

Solutions to Hard Disk 1 Quick 303 and Full 305 Errors

Have you received the error “hard disk 1 quick 303” in the HP PC startup self test? Sometimes you also see the errors like hard disk 1 full 305 or hard disk 1 SMART 301. In this post, I will walk you through what you should do to fix the HP hard disk error.

The Best Alternative to Windows File History

What is File History? How does the File History Windows 10/8/7 work? Is there any alternative to File History Windows 10 to keep data and files safe? What is the difference between Windows 10 File History and backup? This post will show you the answers.

How to create System Restore Point on Windows

Do you know what the system restore point is? Do you know how to create restore point Windows 10/8/7? Do you know how to restore system Windows 10/8/7? This post will give you the answers.

Solutions to disable SMART Hard Disk Error 301

The SMART hard disk error may occur when you are turning on your laptop or booting your computer. But do you know what the reasons for SMART hard disk error and how to fix SMART hard disk error 301? You can go on your read to find the solutions.

Step-by-step guide to use Recovery Options on Windows 10

This post illustrates the usage of seven common recovery options in Windows 10: Startup Repair, Command Prompt, System Image Recovery, Go back to the previous version, System Restore, Reset this PC, and Uninstall update. It makes users fix computer problem easily.

USB Image Tools that are Applicable to all Windows Versions

How to perform the USB backup? How to backup drive to keep data safe? How to use USB image tool? This post will show you the answers and will introduce two free and reliable USB image tools which can be used in all Windows versions including Windows 10/8/7.