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How to create System Restore Point on Windows

Do you know what the system restore point is? Do you know how to create restore point Windows 10/8/7? Do you know how to restore system Windows 10/8/7? This post will give you the answers.

About System Restore Point

System Restore Point is a built-in feature of Windows that allows you to revert some changes of your computer to an earlier state. System restore point is used to reverse the system files, installed applications, Windows Registry and system settings.

The system restore point only affects the Windows files. For example, if the computer encounters some problems after installing a driver, you can use the system restore point to restore your computer to an earlier state.

However, the system restore point will not help you to restore your personal files such as the document, music, photos, videos and so on. For example, if you mistakenly delete some important files and you can’t recover it from the Recycle bin, the system restore point cannot help you to recover them, either.

Therefore, you can know that the system restore point can only help you to reverse the changes of Windows files. And it also has some differences between the Windows restore point and the system image.

System image is an exact copy of a drive. By default, the system image includes the drives required Windows to run and also includes Windows and your system settings, programs and personal files. The system image can help you to perform a complete restoration when your operating system or hard drive fails to work.

How to Create Windows Restore Point 

To create restore point Windows 7/8/10, you can take advantage of the Windows snap-in tool – System Restore.

Now, follow the instruction to set restore point Windows 10.

Step 1: Turn on System Protection

  1. TypeCreate a restore pointin the search box of Windows 10.
  2. In the System Properties window, click theConfigure…button.
  3. Turn on system protection since it is disabled by default.

Step 2: Create System Restore Point Windows 10

  1. In the System Properties window, choose the system related partition and click theCreate…button.
  2. Add a description to the system restore point and click Create to continue. The description can help you to distinguish different restore points when restoring system.

Step 3: System Restore Point Creating Process

  1. The system restore point process will begin and you are required to wait for a few minutes.
  2. After the process is finished, you will receive a message which tells you that the restore point was created successfully. Then click the Close button to exit the System Properties window.

After all steps are finished, you can successfully create system restore point Windows 10/8/7. And if you have encountered some problems of the system files, Windows Registry or system settings, you can use the system restore point to reverse some changes.

How to Restore System?

If your computer fails to boot when it encounters some problem, you need to restore system.

Step 1: Enter WinRE When Computer Can’ t Boot

  1. Press the power button two or three times to enter Troubleshoot page.
  2. Choose the Advanced options > System Restore to continue.

Step 2: Perform System Restore

  1. In the popup window, clickNextto continue.
  2. Choose a system restore point and click Next. If there are several restore points, you can choose one based on the description and the creating time and date.
  3. Confirm the system restore point and click Finish.
  4. When the system restore process is finished, you can reverse your computer to a previous state. And the system restore point can also help you to solve some system malfunctions or other problems.

In addition, you can know that the ways to create restore point Windows 10 and to restore system with the Windows 10 restore point are very simple. So, it would be a good way to protect your computer.

There are some problems of system restore including creating system restore point and restoring system.

1. System Restore point cannot be created

2. System Restore point is missing

3. System Restore did not complete successfully

4. System Restore stuck

A Better Way to Safeguard Your PC

Thus, you can choose a better way to safeguard your PC and files. It is recommended to create a Windows backup.

The system image backup not only includes the Windows files and settings, but also includes the personal files and programs. And the Windows backup image can help you to perform a complete a restoration when your computer fails to work.

MiniTool ShadowMaker would be the best and professional backup software to back up Windows.

It provides the service of backing up files, folder, partitions, disks, and the operating system. It is also a piece of SSD cloning software.

Step 1: Connect your local computer

  1. Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker.
  2. Choose Connect in This Computer to manage your local computer.image

Step 2: Choose Backup Source

  1. Go to the Backup page and MiniTool ShadowMaker has selected the operating system by default.
  2. If the operating system is not selected, you can click Source module to choose Disk and Partition and choose the system related partition.


Step 3: Choose Backup Destination

  1. Click Destination module to continue.
  2. There are five options to be chosen. You can choose any one based on your own needs. It is recommended to choose an external hard drive. Then click OK to continue.


Step 4: Start to Backup Windows 10

  1. Click Back up Now to start Windows backup immediately.
  2. Or click Back up Later to delay the Windows backup process. And you can restart it in the Manage page.


Step 5: Create Bootable Media

  1. Go to the Tools page.
  2. Click Media Builder feature to create bootable media. It can be used to boot the computer when it fails to boot from the operating system.


And with the backup image, you can restore your computer to an earlier date.

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