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Solutions to Hard Disk 1 Quick 303 and Full 305 Errors

Have you received the error “hard disk 1 quick 303” in the HP PC startup self test? Sometimes you also see the errors like hard disk 1 full 305 or hard disk 1 SMART 301. In this post, I will walk you through what you should do to fix the HP hard disk error.

About Hard Disk Error 303 and 305

HP computers include a diagnostic tool that tests your computer's hardware for errors. As the computer boots, press the ESC key when the HP Splash Screen appears. When the Startup menu appears, you can press F2 to enter System Diagnostics. Then, this tool will show you system information, and perform start-up test, run-in test & hard disk test.

However, when you start your HP computer, it may fail to boot successfully and redirect to the System Diagnostics. After running Primary Hard Disk Self Test, the screen gives you the error “hard disk quick (303)”. Sometimes, the errors like “hard disk 1 full (305)” or “hard disk 1 SMART (301)” may appear.

What is hard disk 1 quick 303 meaning? That means your hard drive may have failed and needs to be replaced immediately.

Back up Data on Failing Hard Drive with 303, 305 or 301 Error

When a hard drive is given 303, 305 or 301 errors, its life is coming to an end, and only a new hard drive will solve the problem.

The question is, the system can hardly boot when a hard drive is failing with the SMART test failed error code 303, 305 or 301, how can you back up data including files, photos, videos, and more on the damaged hard drive?

Take it easy! Here, MiniTool ShadowMaker, professional data backup software, can reduce your worry.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker in a Working PC

  1. Install this freeware on a normal computer.
  2. Double-click the .exe program to open it.

Step 2: Run a Local Backup

  1. Continue to use the Trial Edition by clicking Keep Trial.
  2. Click the Connect button in This Computer for a local backup.


Step 3: Choose the Feature to Create Bootable Media

  1. Navigate to the Tools window.
  2. Click the Media Builder feature.


Step 4: Start to Create Bootable Media

  1. In the pop-up window, click WinPE-based media with MiniTool plug-in to go on.
  2. Plug in your USB flash drive, USB hard disk or CD/DVD disc.
  3. MiniTool Media Builder will start to create a bootable drive.

After you finish creating a bootable disc or drive, change the boot order in BIOS of the computer that has hard disk 1 quick 303 or error code 301/305 to boot it from the device. The post - How to Boot from Burned MiniTool Bootable CD/DVD Dis…lash Drive might be the one you are finding.

Move 2: Back up Data on Disk with Hard Disk Error 303 and 305 (or 301)

Step 1: Boot the PC to MiniTool Recovery Environment

  1. After running your computer from the created media, make the choices of whether to change screen resolution and whether to load MiniTool Software.
  2. If you don’t load this software, click the first option in the MiniTool PE Loader interface to run it.

Step 2: Choose Backup Source and Destination

By default, you see this freeware has selected system drives as the backup source. Here, your aim is not system backup and you need to decide what to back up when SMART error 303, 305 or 301 happens.

  1. Go to the Source section.
  2. Select the type: Disk and Partitions or Folders and Files. If you have many important files on your disk, we recommend you to back up the partitions that include much data.
  • Click the Disk and Partitions type.
  • Select the system disk from the combo box.
  • Tick the partitions that have data you want to back up.

Next, choose a destination path based on your actual needs. MiniTool ShadowMaker allows backing up to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, NAS, ect.

Step 3: Start Sector-by-Sector Backup

1. Return to the main interface and click theOptionsfeature.

2. Choose theSector by sector backupoption under the Image Creation Mode tab.

3. Click OK.

4. Go back to the Backup page, click Back up Now to run the data backup immediately.

After the backup is finished, you could shut down your computer and replace the failed disk with a new one. Then, install an operating system to this new disk and your Windows should start up without receiving the hard disk 1 quick 303, full 305 or SMART 301 error.

To restore the backup you just created, install MiniTool ShadowMaker and launch it again, click Restore and select the image file to perform a recovery. After that, the hard disk data will come back.

Hard Disk 1 Quick 303 Data Recovery

Some of you may want to do data recovery instead of data backup when you are given the SMART error 303. When searching for this topic, you will find a related result: hard disk 1 quick 303 data recovery.

To do that job, a piece of professional and reliable data recovery software will be helpful. Here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worthy of being recommended since it is designed to recover files under various situations including failing hard drives, lost partitions, RAW drives, formatted partitions, etc.

When Windows shows you the hard disk 1 quick test failure issue, it won’t be able to boot properly. In this case, you also need to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to create a bootable disc or drive to boot the PC from it and then perform data recovery in MiniTool Recovery Environment.

Right now, get the Personal Edition or an advanced edition from MiniTool Store for SMART test failed error code 303 data recovery.

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Now, we will show you how to recover data from damaged hard drive.

Step 1: Boot Your PC to MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition

  1. Configure to boot the PC from the created bootable media.
  2. Go to the MiniTool PE Loader interface.
  3. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Step 2: Choose a Recovery Module to Scan

1. If there are multiple data partitions on the damage disk with hard disk 1 quick 303 error (hard disk 1 full 305 or hard disk SMART 301), you can chooseHard Disk Drive.

2. If there is only one data partition or you want to only recover data from a certain drive, useThis PC.

  • Here, we take this feature as an example.
  • Choose the target drive and click the Scan button to continue.

Step 3: Perform a Full Scan

This data recovery program is scanning the selected drive. To get the best recovery result, it is recommended to wait until the full scan finishes.

Step 4: Perform Data Recovery

  1. After a full scan, tick all the items that you need.
  2. Click the Save button to restore them to a new disk.
  • To quick find needed files, you can take full advantage of these features including TypeFind, and Filter.
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to preview 70 types of files with each file not larger than 100MB.

After finishing data recovery, you can replace the damaged disk with a new one, install an OS to it and boot the PC without receiving HP hard disk error 303 and 305 (or 301).

There are many SMART hard disk errors. Besides the above errors like hard disk 1 quick 303, hard disk 1 full 305 or hard disk 1 SMART 301, you can meet these error messages.

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