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How to Fix: SD Card Volume Partition Disk Failed

SD card command volume partition disk failed is an issue that may happen when you insert a card into the Android device or after updating your Android device. Now, in this post, we will show you the solutions to the command 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 26, 40…volume partition disk failed issues.

‘Volume partition disk failed with Null’ is a common error many users have reported after upgrading their Android to Marshmallow. To work around this problem, as a first step retrieve data from your SD card.

What does this problem look like? Let’s see a real case as follows:


This issue may also occur when you insert the SD card into the Android phone and the card is shown as “unsupported”. Likewise, the device asks you to format the card but you only receive the command volume partition disk failed error.

The error messages can also be command ‘10 volume partition disk:179,64 private’ failed with ‘400 10 command failed’command ‘13 volume partition disk:179,0 public’ failed with ‘400 13 command failed’common ‘21 volume partition disk:179,64 public’ failed with null command ‘26 volume partition disk:179,128 private’ failed with ‘400 26 command failed’, or some other similar error codes.

Why does this issue happen? The top reasons include:

The effective solution to get rid of “SD card volume partition disk failed with null” is to format the SD card on your computer but not on your Android device.

Before doing this, there is one important thing you should know: formatting an SD card will delete all files on the card, so, you need to back up its files before formatting.

Recover Data from a Damaged SD Card with MiniTool

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a special file recovery tool that can be used to rescue your data from different kinds of storage devices in various data loss situations. SD cards are the supported devices. Moreover, it can find both existing and deleted data on the storage devices.

This software has four recovery modules and the Removable Disk Drive module is specially designed to restore data from the external USB drives such as SD cards, memory cards, USB sticks, and so forth.

In the following guide, I will walk you through the detailed steps to use this software to retrieve files from the corrupted SD card on Windows 10.

1. Remove the SD card from your Android phone and insert it into a card reader.

2. Connect the card reader to your computer.

3. Open the software to enter its main interface.

4. Switch to the Removable Disk Drive module.

5. This software will automatically display the SD card it can detect on the software. If the target card is not here, you can press the Refresh button to make the software recognize it. Then, select the card and press the Scan button to begin the scanning process.

6. The software will begin to scan the selected SD card. When it ends, the software will show you a list on the left side of the software interface.

  1. 7. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Trial Edition doesn’t allow you to recover the selected files. However, you can update it a full edition to finish the data recovery process.

In the MiniTool official store center, there are various editions for different users. If you are a personal user, the Personal Deluxe Edition can fully meet your need.

After receiving the license key, you can press the Register button on the scan result interface to register the software directly. Next, you can select your needed data and press the Save button to choose a proper path to save these items.

At last, you can access the specified storage location to view and use these recovered files immediately.

While, if you are using a Mac computer, MiniTool offers you a free Mac data recovery software to rescue your SD card data. This tool is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. To retrieve data from a damaged SD card, you need to use the Damaged Partition Recovery module.

Now, your important files on the SD card are safe. The next step is to format the SD card that is bothered by “SD card volume partition disk failed with null” to its normal state.

Fix Command Volume Partition Disk Failed: Format the Card

There is more than one way to format the SD card to normal. Keep the connection between the SD card and your PC, and choose one way from the following three ways according to your own will.

Choice 1: Use File Explorer to Format the SD Card

The most commonly used method to format an SD card is to use the File Explorer.

Here is a guide:

1. Go to This PC.

2. Find the inserted SD card and right-click on it.

3. Choose Format from the popup menu.

4. The format interface pops out. Then, you need to select the properties according to your own needs and press the Start button to continue.

5. You will see a confirm window. Press the OK button to start the formatting process.

6. When the process ends, you will see another window pops up saying Format Complete. Press OK and then press Close to quit all the pop-out windows.

Choice 2: Use Disk Management to Format the SD Card

1. Right-click on the Windows button on the desktop and then choose Disk Management from the popup menu.

2. On the Disk Management interface, locate to the target SD card and right-click on it. Then, chooseFormatfrom the popup menu.

3. On the following popup window, you need to select the Volume labelFile system, and Allocation unit size for the SD card. At the same time, you can also choose to perform a quick format or not. Then, press the OK button to continue.

4. There will be another popup window that reminds you to back up your data on the card. Since you have recovered your needed files to a safe location, you just need to press the OK button to continue.

5. The formatting process starts. You can see a Formatting word in that partition. When the formatting process completes, the partition will be shown as normal.

Besides using the MiniTool snap-in tools to format the SD card that is bothered by the command volume partition disk failed issue, you can also use a powerful third-party tool, MiniTool Partition Wizard, to do such a job.

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