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How to Unlock PST File or to Reset PST Password?

Several times the user faces many problems with password-protected PST files. A user wants a quick and convenient solution to resolve these issues without any delay. So here, we come up with a complete solution for resolving issues related to unlock PST File through with our new software i.e. PST Password Recovery. Through this blog, we discussed the issues related to the password-protected PST file and provide the complete resolution to overcome these issues with ease.


What is PST Password Protected?  And why a user needs a password to protect the PST file?

A PST file stands for personal storage table. These files are used to store the data such as notes, journals, calendars, and emails along with its attachments. Several time the data of PST files are been hacked by the hackers. They misused it. To prevent the data from being hacked or don’t want to use data without your permission, so the user needs to protect the PST file with password. 

Why did the user need to reset the PST password or recover Outlook PST password?

Several time user forgets his password due to repeated changing of password. And also MS Outlook doesn’t give any support to recover back the password. There are several problems related to it. If the user forgot his password, the data will remain locked or we can say that it’s inaccessible to him. So that’s why a user needs to reset or recover the PST password. User didn’t recover the Outlook PST password and all his data will become inaccessible or lost to him.

What is the quick and secure solution to get rid of this problem?

We provide a quick and safe solution through our new ToolGround PST Password Recovery software to get rid of this issue without any extra efforts. This software is designed to unlock or recover the password-protected PST files. It’s a complete solution to resolve the users' issues related to PST password. This software easily and swiftly unlocks the password files with effortless. Through this software, the user easily performs the recovery of numerous PST files at once. It means at a time user easily unlocks the password of multiple PST files. It helps the user to recover the filtered PST files only. User is completely free to select the specific PST file to recover. It traces the password very quickly without any interruption. It’s doesn’t take so much time for tracing the data. It also helps the user to reset the new password. There is so many features of the software are mentioned below:

Salient feature to recover Outlook PST password:

  • Supports password recovery of multiple PST files in a single attempt
  • Take less time to unlock the password
  • Supports to recover filtered PST Files
  • Help to create a new password
  • No data alteration during the entire recovering process
  • User-friendly software, easily handle by even user is non- technical
  • support both ANSI and UNICODE PST Files
  • Supports all version of MS Outlook
  • Independent software doesn’t need any supportive tool to perform
  • Offers free demo version for testing its features and functions
  • To resolve user’s queries, our support team is available 24*7 to assist them.

The procedure of Outlook password recovery tool:

The procedure of the tool is very simple and easy. There are only a few simple steps to recover the Outlook PST Files. It describes below through step by step:

Step 1: add the file whom user want to unlock

Step 2: view the details of the loading PST file

Step3: then select to remove password

Step4: add the location to save the resultant file

Step5: then click on ok button, the unlocking process is a start


This ToolGround PST Password Recovery software is a safe and secure way to unlock the PST files with hassle-free. Through this software, the user doesn’t need to think about the data getting inaccessible. It’s a time-saving software for recovering the data without any error.

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